Tip 1: How to crawl

known that the fastest you can swim just crawl.Therefore, this type of sailing is so popular in the competition.It is believed that learning to crawl is impossible without theoretical guidance and practice.That is why trying to learn to crawl as a child.
The sooner you learn to swim better.Correct crawl relatively easy.After all, in the form of swimming, if you follow the technique, the swimmer will have to make the minimum effort.


Krol is an absolute record for use in various competitions in freestyle.Swimmers almost do not share the concept to "crawl" or "freestyle".

This method is the fastest on the right.This rapid alternating strokes performed by the half-bent arms.They are accompanied by constant vertical movement smooth legs.Deciding to learn to swim on their own, should take note of the following instructions.

stroke itself is bent arms to perform at a high position fold limbs.It turns out that the brush itself with the forearm is held perpendicular to the desired direction.Making
a stroke, it is necessary to leave the very palm flat, further wherein the fingers have to be tightly closed.

Stroke is to perform, keeping rhythm with a constant force without delay.To achieve this rate, your hands after stroke will need after its completion, accelerate.At the end of the stroke, just when the hand is near the hip, you have to hand, forearm to shoulder out of the water, only in reverse order.Before starting the rackets of the upper extremity, it is necessary to make so that the palm is directed slightly upwards.

is necessary that the position of your hips and the head itself being constantly on a single level.By improving the situation of the entire body can greatly increase the efficiency of the entire equipment.So it will be easier to coordinate movement.


To learn how to crawl quickly, it is necessary to observe the real professionals.Their bodies located in the water with maximum streamlining.Feet should be placed at a depth of forty centimeters, which is sufficient to limit effectiveness.You can not make any unnecessary movements, because they could be the result of improper position of the whole body.

shoulders must be placed slightly above the hips.Head itself should be placed along the axis of the body.At this time practically neck muscles do not tense.

Breath is producing sharply turning his head to the arm, which has just completed stroke.All reverse movement should be carried out very quickly that by the time they fully coincide with sweeps his hands.

Tip 2: How to crawl

When it comes to swimming, usually refers to a crawl.This is a quick and simple style, which swim in the indoor pool, and open water.However, the simplicity of rabbit is very conditional.
How to crawl

What crawl?

Kroll - a way of sailing on the chest and back.Commits an alternate mahi-arm stroke, and sliding the feet and moving apart.If comparisons, the hands will resemble the wings of the mill or impeller steamer and legs - ordinary scissors.

When swimming the crawl on his back going on almost the same - Mahi hands and movement "scissors" - legs.Here, however, the hands move out of his head (in the opposite breast).


When swimming the crawl and stretch the body must be placed at the water surface.Immersion pelvis occurs so that the feet remain under water.The head is lowered into the water, the view is directed forward and downward.As a swimmer to do grebkovyh movement and inhale the air, he shakes his body along the longitudinal axis to the right and to the left.

footwork performed up and down (if we take the vertical plane).Getting these movements occur at the hip, continued - in the lower leg, and complete their biting impact of the foot on the water, by which a swimmer moves forward.This first leg straightened at the knee joint, and then - in the ankle.All movements of the feet should be performed rhythmically, but freely.

hand movements and breathing

As for the hand movements, they can be divided into two phases.First stroke is performed in water, then - Bringing the water.Hand dipped in water, slightly bending the elbow and turning the palm downward.This hand should go down in front of the shoulder.

Swimming crawl - is the observance of the sequence of dives: brush - upper arm - shoulder.After almost fully extended arms in the water, go to the grebkovyh movements.Brush swimmer captures water and arm bent at the elbow, rowing the surface forms.When it's the main part of the stroke, the elbow leading to the body, and quickly move the brush back.In the final stage of the hand is straightened, brush passes near the hip.

plays an important role Bringing hands over the water.First, raise the arm, then his shoulder and hand.Bent at the elbow arm freely sneaked over the water.Sami grebkovyh hand movements are done at a time - when the end stroke with one hand, the second part of the water.

properly crawl - it means even breathe properly.The air inhaled by turning the head to the right or to the left, at the end of the stroke arm.After inhaling the head should be returned to its original position.The exhalation is done when a person falls into the water.