you need
  • - sandpaper,
  • - mastic,
  • - a notched trowel,
  • - building level,
  • - a regular spatula,
  • - rubber spatula,
  • - Tile
Disassemble the wall switches and sockets on the walls, designed for stacking apron and and insulate electrical wires.Treat the surface of the walls of coarse sandpaper.Remove dust and prime the wall.Mark the wall under the tile.Spend with the help of level, flat, horizontal line to the bottom row of tiles.Draw a vertical line exactly in the center of the future apron well.
Lay the tiles on the fl
oor and ensure that the size and location of the drawing coincides with the marking on the wall.
Apply glue
Prepare the required amount of glue.Promazhte thin wall, using a conventional spatula.Take schpatel gear and apply the adhesive on a small section of the wall.It is not recommended to apply the adhesive to a width greater than that of the 8 tiles, asthis may lead to premature drying.Make sure that the adhesive layer had no voids.
Begin laying tile
Laying should start from the center of the wall, with the bottom row.Make sure that the edge of the tiles match and vertical markings on the wall.Tightly clutching the wall tiles, lay out the entire bottom row.Do not forget to insert a "cross" between the adjoining edges of tiles.Remove excess glue.
Apply fresh adhesive for the next row of tiles.Decorative tabs should be installed by a vertical layout that figure is not "crawled" sideways.
To accurately cut the tiles must first be noted in pencil on it the size you want.Then, with the help of Tile, cut off the right piece.
Gently powertrowel seams
Wash tiles with warm water and soap.Carefully clean all the joints with a thin screwdriver.Prepare grout and diagonal movements, apply it on the joints, using a rubber spatula.Take a piece of electric wire and walk at the seams, leveling them.Wipe the tiles with a damp cloth.