good effect on weight loss buttocks have squat.Stand erect, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, put the feet parallel to each other and squat.During the squat thigh and lower leg should form a right angle.Perform each exercise slowly, trying to keep your back as flat.Do 30 sit-ups.
lose weight in the hips help kicks.Become a chair behind your hands and the back of it.Follow swings to the side, trying to raise the leg as high as possible.After 30 repetitions and change legs.To increase the load, follow mahi, standing on tiptoes.
Turn the chair sideways with one hand lean back in his chair, put on the second belt.Follow the leg swings up, standing on a chair.Make sure that during lifting the back legs remain flat.Perform 30 swings each leg.
Get on your knees, ha
nds rest against the floor so that the arms and thighs are parallel to each other and form a right angle with the body.Lift the bent at the knee right leg up so that the thigh is aligned with the back.Follow springy shocks leg up.Do 50 repetitions and change legs.
Starting position is the same as in the previous step.Pull your right knee to your chest, and then pull the leg back and up while straightening it.Make sure that the back does not bend at the waist.Perform 30 approaches for each leg.
Lie on your side and lean on his left hand.The left leg should remain straight, right knee slightly bent.Lift the bent leg up.To enhance the effect of the exercises for the buttocks and hips, lowering the foot, do not place it, and keep on weight.Perform 30 lifts and change leg.