Take a deep breath, drop down into the water with the head, and hold your breath for a few minutes.Repeat this exercise several times.
accomplish the same thing, open your eyes under water and find some object on the bottom.Try not to wipe his eyes and face with his hands, it will get used to the irritation of the skin, which causes the water flowing over his face.Repeat several times
Taking a deep breath, sit down in the water so that his mouth was under water, and breathe out into the water.Repeat.
Take a deep breath and lowered into the water with the head, exhale air.Stand up and repeat 3 to 4 times without stopping and without haste.
Taking a deep breath, sit down on the bottom, push the knees to the stomach and firmly clasp their han
ds, lower chin on his chest.At the same time your body will look like a float and pops.Remain in this position for a few seconds.Stand otdyshites and repeat.
Near the coast where the depth is up to the knee, lie on your back, rest in bed with his hands and lowered his head into the water, lift the pelvis.Take a deep breath and lift your hands from the bottom.Your body will be kept available at the water surface.
Repeat the previous exercise in a deeper place.Do not panic if your nose and mouth will get water.
from the "float" pull the hands and feet (face lowered into the water) and soak in that position (arrow) a few seconds.Take a starting position and stand on the bottom.In the "arrow" turn to one side and then on the back.
Standing at a depth just below the belt, take a deep breath, sit down, join hands above his head, and strongly rebounding from the bottom, allow the body to slide on the water.
Gliding on the water, start to work energetically feet.Hands alternately perform strokes (hand movements reminiscent of a windmill).

and you're swimming!