you need
  • - paper graph paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - line;
  • - Calculator;
  • - Roulette.
On graph paper, draw a plan of the room in which it is planned to create a warm water floor (recommended scale of 1 cm - 0.5 m).Figure picture the exact location of doors and windows.
Display graphic project pipe installation.Remember that coming from the riser pipe must be laid along the window, because that window is the main source coming into the room cold.In addition, in accordance with the regulations of the pipe should be laid on the walls at a distance of 20-25 centimeters, with each other, they must be at a distance of 35-50 centimeters (the
main indicator that determines the distance between the pipes, - the diameter of the pipe).On the basis of the drawing of the project, calculate the required number of tubes to a warm floor .Make it simple: measure the length of the pipe shown in the graph paper, and multiply by a factor that takes the size of the project to the real scale of the drawing.Add to the result of two meters in the liner pipe to the standpipe.
to create warm water floor need another insulation material and laminated with aluminum foil.This material provides a uniform distribution of heat and prevents heat loss (ie, does not allow heat to go to the bottom of the floor ).To calculate how much you will need a thermal insulation material, calculate the area of ​​the room: multiply the length by the width.
for pouring warm water floor need to sand and cement in the following proportions: one part cement to three parts sand.The amount of water required is determined empirically.However, remember: too thick mixture is difficult to align, and the liquid will flow.The amount of sand and cement required depends on the thickness of the screed.
to create warm water m floor you will also need screws, dowels and brackets for pipes and Beacon profile.