Deciding to change the interior doors in the house, you can come face to face with the problem, the essence of which is that the standard openings are only suitable for standard doors.Yet there are situations where a standard door frame is not the same with the walls of the apartment in thickness.You can close the gap with foam, and then a long and tedious to cover the plaster soffit.But it is better to do everything much easier.Use transoms (extenders), increases the size of the door frame.
transoms - a panel that has a thickness of 5 to 400 mm, and in order to make possible
even larger transoms.They are vertical and horizontal.Finishing panels ennoble the appearance of the doorway, giving solidity of the whole structure, as well as greatly facilitate the repair process.Their color should be selected the same as your door with the door frame
material from which made Finishing panels may be different: Fibreboard, MDF, solid wood of coniferous trees, plus a coating of veneer (natural or artificial).
Install transoms easy.If you have special slots in the door frame, you can safely take the transoms with strap width of 10 mm.But in the case of bespazovymi doorframes fit the width of the final assembly of any bar.Finishing panels are usually attached to one side of the door.Although there are situations where you need a box "build" on both sides.
transoms Installation can be carried out before the installation of the door.It's enough to tie the transoms to the back side of the door frame.And if transoms are installed on an existing door need to drill through the panel for final assembly of transoms and secure himself to the door frame softwood through opened.If it is not possible to make the width of the opening, try to nail rail is indented from the edge of the door frame.However, in this case, the gap may appear.But it is easy to gloss over the sealant.
horizontal transoms are installed after vertical, on top of them.Then you can deal with frames.Install transoms - it is not very difficult, but laborious.Thus transoms to install only one door requires several hours.
If you wish, you can make yourself transoms.Just cut to the desired size of the panels, paint them exactly the color of the door.If the walls have not even, make the final assembly of the panel with a slight slope.Then you and visually align the wall.