how to swim properly?To teach a child to swim parents should from its very early age.Just do not go to extremes, throwing the child into the water and looking at how it will be to shovel.This method can be hard to develop baby fear of water.And then he certainly will not learn to swim.Baby bath toys floating around - that's how you need to hold the child's familiarity with water.And when the toddler gets older, parents can swim with him, holding him.Then the child will not be afraid of water.Roll it over the surface of a bath - most likely the child will come from this delight.
When the child grows up even more often take it closer to the nature of natural water bodies.Yo
u need to ensure that water for the baby became an ordinary environment.But do not forget about the precautions.Especially need to be careful if your child has a weak heart.
not allowed in the water recently poevshih children.It is better to organize leisure time so that the water treatment went to eat and basic nutrition.From swimming and appetite improved.
If the hardening of the body it is not, the normal temperature of the water for bathing the child is considered to be 18 ° C and above.Cooler water may be unpleasant to read and even harmful.
water depth should be at or below the growth of children, but not above.Also, before you let the children into the water, check the bottom of the reservoir in the presence of sharp stones, sharp pieces of bottles and other things.
Make sure that children do not jump sweaty water so they do not bathe more than 10 minutes.And, of course, do not leave their children unattended in order to prevent the possible tragic consequences.
Let the child tries to imitate the first movement of the swimmer on the land, and then you can put it into the water.Just do not be too intrusive and not overwhelm the baby's advice and comments.If a child absolutely can not learn or be afraid to try, let him inflatable sleeves, don and let them float.After a while, they will not need him.
game - that's what they like to do almost all the children.Conduct training in the form of games.Then the child is so carried away that forgets all fear, and quickly learned to swim.