Tip 1: How regatta in Venice

officially known, when the first costume regatta in Venice.Historical sources emit in 1274 - the first written mention of the competitions of rowers on the "fun" boats.Such competitions were held annually to train young people to maritime affairs.First festive regatta was organized in honor of the return of Cyprus to his home in Venice, Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro.She was waiting for a meeting with the grand parade of decorated boats.Today in Venice regatta takes place as a great holiday.

Regatta in Venice, held annually on the first Sunday of September.Its official name sounds like "Storica Regatta" - «Historical Regatta."Official site of the event - the Grand Canal (the Grand Canal).

modern regatta starts in Venice with a big fancy-dress parade.It symbolizes the meeting organized in the XIII century Queen Catherine.Each boat has its own special colorful frame.The team and some of the audience dressed in period dress, which can make to order or rent.The protagonists of the carnival regatta
are historical figures: the Doge, his wife, ministers and ambassadors, as well as the Queen Katherine.After the parade begins the second part of the event - rowing race.

Venice Historical Regatta takes place in several stages.The first to appear before the audience juniors.They compete in gondolas "pupparini" - pair-oar boat with a distinct lightness and maneuverability.Following comes the turn of the boats "mascarete" (as pair-oar).The bow of the data gondolas resembles masks that were used in the old courtesans.It is easy to understand that this mode of transport rowers are women.

When women are the men in heavy boats with six oars.In the past, the court called "caorline" were equipped with sails and served as transport to travel to the lagoon.The most important event of historical costume in Venice regatta takes place at the end.On light and narrow boats "gondolini" real champions compete and aces.Managing such transport requires special skill and dexterity, not to be in the water.

However, no medals to the winners of the competition are not awarded.Prizes are multi-colored flags.Winner of first place gets red, second, third and fourth place - white, green and blue.

Tip 2: How is the regatta of Burano in Venice

Venice - one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, located in the northeastern part of Italy, on the islands of the Adriatic Sea, the shallow lagoon.City irresistibly attracts huge number of tourists.
How is the regatta of Burano in Venice

Venice - a city on the water, which is replete with historical and architectural monuments of world importance.Even those people who have never been to Venice, probably heard about the famous Venetian glass and an equally illustrious Venetian lace.Glass works have long been placed on one of the remote islands of the lagoon - Murano.A lace-famous resident of the other islands - Burano.According to ancient legend, when Saint Martin appeared on the island, his elegant clothes was decorated with the finest from the sea foam collar.Apparently, the legend and inspired local needlewomen to create wonderful lace.

The island of Burano is home to around 4,000 people.Its architecture is very beautiful, kind, somewhat different from the rest of Venice.There are only low houses in two or three floors, but they are very brightly colored.The island is also a Venetian lace museum and the church of St. Martin with an inclined bell tower height of 52 meters.Tourists come there specially to admire these sights.

In the second half of September of each year, they also entail a colorful spectacle - the regatta of Burano.She takes the start of the island of St. Erasmus and finishes at Burano, and participate in the races for both men and women.Men compete in the pair-oar gondolas, and the fair sex - on special boats that called in Venice mascherete.Strictly a certain date of the ceremony there, the organizers are guided, first of all, the weather, because a strong wind and wave it to carry out dangerous.

This event is extremely popular with the Venetians, huge crowds spilling into the embankments, passionately supporting the participants of the regatta.Foreign tourists also with great pleasure watching this spectacle, having an extra reason to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Venice, and at the same time to visit the island itself Burano.

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