Tip 1: How to make a viewing hole in the garage

Currently, most garages do not have a viewing hole.The car also is in almost every family.Many motorists do pit yourself.However, this is not as easy as it seems.It is necessary to consider many things.
First you need to say about the size of a viewing hole.Begin to build a viewing pit with excavation pit.It is in this regard need to be especially careful.It is necessary to take into account the parameters of the future of the pit, as well as the thickness of the walls and floor.For example, if the inspection tank has a width of 80 centimeters of the project, and a depth of 170 centimeters, the width of it should not be more than 120 centimeters.You also need to take into account the thickness of the walls, which will be about 20 centimeters.As a result, the depth of the pit is 190 centimeters.
After the pit dug, you can start concreting.First, you must seal the bottom of the pit.This can tamp the gravel in several layers.Gravel mound should be more than 10 centimeters.If t
he soil has a high moisture content, the bottom of the pit is necessary to begin to cover the clay.Clay is also necessary to tamp.Above the clay is poured gravel.A layer of gravel should be covered with a layer of sand, about 5 centimeters thick.
Then proceed to the preparation of the walls of the future viewing hole.Clay pit wall to be treated.So, create a clay zamoy who will enter the water in the pit .Then we engaged in creating a waterproofing bottom.You will need a plastic film.Next, you need to concrete inspection pit bottom.The layer of concrete should not exceed 10 centimeters.
wait, when there will be a complete solidification of the floor and set the formwork around the perimeter of the future walls of the pit.The walls of the pit must be strengthened reinforcement.Thereafter, they will be more reliable.With rendered monolithic formwork anchors on the floor of the garage, you must install a metal frame.Fill between the formwork and the concrete wall of the pit.It must at the same time compacted.Inspection pit ready.

Tip 2: How to build a viewing hole

During the construction of the garage before the car owners raises the question of the viewing hole.Arguments "for" enough.However, despite the fact that the inspection hole facilitates maintenance of the car, the main problem that you may encounter when creating a hole - a penetration of groundwater into the garage.Therefore, prior to the laying of foundation pit is necessary to make metering of groundwater level.If it is higher than 2.5 meters, it will have to forget about the pit.
How to build a viewing hole
Ideal - pit lay at the stage of laying the foundation of the garage.It is necessary to provide for the working area, which will include the pit, and a relaxation area.This design allows the construction of a garage to protect from excessive moisture and prevent corrosion of the bottom emergency.
width of the pit depends on the brand of the car and are directly linked to its wheelbase.The depth of the pit is incorporated, based on the growth of the automobile owner, given its comfortable position in the repair and maintenance work.That is, add to the growth of 10-15 cm and get the desired setting.The length of the hole is calculated according to the formula "Length Auto + 1 meter" to the car owner could easily go into the pit during a her car.

make the necessary measurements, proceed to the creation of the pit.Add to the calculated depth of 20-25 cm to the length and width of 40 cm. The walls of the pit tamp.
bottom pour a 10-centimeter layer of gravel, then the sand layer - 5 cm. Each layer also carefully tamp, spilling water.Lubricate the resulting clay box and place a layer of waterproofing.Set rebar and pour concrete, and after its complete drying lay the last layer of puff pie - waterproofing.
pit walls, flattened and covered with clay, isolated thick film.Further, around the perimeter of the walls to install the formwork and reinforcement as well as the floor, pour concrete.The second option - to lay a brick wall.To finish use a variety of materials: ceramic tiles, facade plaster, fiberglass.Provide in the construction of the wall vent, which will be at the level of 20-25 cm from the floor.This hole, attach the flexible corrugated pipes from the outside, which is brought to the surface and cover with a protective "fungus."
The Insurance rake

The design of the observation wells must be provided insurance, which will not allow the car to enter it.As an insurance using a metal rail T-shaped.She will support boards that cover the niche.
Warming pit
think of insulation only after the pit carefully insulated against moisture.The best option of insulation - polystyrene.In a standard thickness of 50 mm, the material holds heat well, while not rot, is waterproof and easy to apply to concrete.For the floor usually used PSB-S-35, and the wall PSB-S-25.
Lighting Lighting
necessary to ensure normal working conditions in the pit.It may be carrying, running on battery power or special lights powered by 36 V. In the niche is unacceptable infeed socket, issuing 220 V. It is not only a violation of SNIP, but also a real threat to life.
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