Start by creating a project for the future structure.Decide what you need garden house - to stay in the summer or just to relax and storage equipment.If construction is required for business purposes, you can restrict a simple shed, for the design of which will be just enough to sketch.Garden house for living requires more careful planning.You will need to obviously several rooms: a bedroom, kitchen, pantry.For a family of three is enough to construct a room size of 30 square meters.m.
Determine where to house the garden house .Keep in mind that the house should not be placed in low-lying areas where water can collect.Choose to build the
highest point of land.Note also the convenience of communications and water supply.Optimally positioned house in the northern and north-western part of the area at least 3 meters away from its border.Location should not be obscured.Windows and design your front door to the east or south-east side of the house well.
Select building materials.It may be a brick, gas or foam blocks (the latter option is more practical and allows you to speed up the construction time facilities in the three to four times).Very good choice house of wood.From a prepared and dried timber can build a house , as if from a designer.You can watch the finished design, which will only be delivered to the site and collect the drawings.However, the purchase of prefabricated construction will cost a bit more expensive than building a house and fully their hands .
Erect foundation of the building - its foundation.Optimally be used for a single-storey house and supporting concrete slab thickness of 100 mm.Calculate the number and size, based on the parameters of your future structure.Set the plate to a depth of 150 mm in a pre-compacted sand, leveled at the construction level.
Erect roof garden house well.The simplest form of it - triangular, with two ramps.The windows can be done independently of the bars and planks, and you can use the old frames, if any.Everything for house inside and apply their imagination, taste and creativity.The main thing - to make the interior comfortable and unique.