you need
  • - shred of cloth;
  • - superglue;
  • - cement-sand mixture;
  • - drywall;
  • - primer;
  • - Brush;
  • - spatula;
  • - a piece of timber;
  • - serpyanka.
Tension potolok.Vyrezhte patch from a piece of cloth, which should have left you installers.Spread it with superglue and easy to push to the hole.Do this carefully.Strongly not pressed not to pucker the patch and glue is not leaked out.Smooth with your fingers.
tool repaired a hole in the stretch ceilings as quickly as possible, do not delay for long.And then the small hole can crawl, and t
he web will disperse much more.If you do not rag, then contact the companies involved in installing ceilings.Ask them for a piece of cloth, the same color as yours, or invite artists.
holes in the ceiling near the trub.Stameskoy hammer and make a hole in a plurality of barbs.Prime the moisture-proof impregnation, that place is not repairable pylilo and increased grip materials.
Dissolve the purchase of cement-sand mixture according to instructions on the package.It is possible to mix, increasing its cement content.Add a couple of tablespoons of white glue.Clings to the mixture by a narrow trowel and lay the hole.If the hole is large, close up it a few times.Each time, let the cement layer to dry completely.Then moisten it with water and then put the mixture.
Dilute cement-sand mixture each time.Do not leave it to dry, fresh is better to make small meals.When the hole is embedded completely dry, prime with and zashtukaturte it.
Plaster potolok.Promazhte Deep penetration hole in the ceiling.Allow the first coat to dry.Be sure to check the instructions for drying time of the impregnation.
Pick necessary gypsum plaster.The layer thickness is indicated on the bag with the dry mix.If you have not gone after the plaster repair, it is packaged for sale not only in big bags, but also in the small.
Pour into a small bucket of water and spread mortar.Pour it slowly, carefully stir with a spatula to avoid lumps.The mixture should resemble a thick cream.
Seal the hole in the ceiling.Try to make amends immediately repaired place with a spatula, then you do not need treatment with plaster finish.
Giprochny potolok.Otpilite piece of wooden beams or profile so that he climbed into a hole in the ceiling.Hold the hand rail, secure it with screws through the gypsum plasterboard.Promazhte edge of the hole with primer.
Cut out a piece of gypsum plasterboard patch the size of the hole.Insert the patch into the hole and screw it to the bar.Apply to the repair place and serpyanku zashtukaturte it.Sand and paint the ceiling.