How are water aerobics classes

Supervised coach runs for 40-60 minutes.The level of depth of water in which the exercises are performed, ranging from small ("waist-deep") to deep ("up to their necks").So indulge in water may even those who can not swim.

Sure, performed exercises can and greater depth (up to 2 meters).In this case it is particularly well-developed coordination, as you have to keep the balance. During training using dumbbells water, big balls, special gloves to increase resistance to water, rubber fins, jet trainers.

set of exercises for water aerobics involves the load on all muscle groups.Activities in the water can be combined with advanced training in the hall or around the pool.This type of fitness is called akvaforming.

interested in water aerobics classes

Water aerobics has no age restrictions, it is suita
ble for people with different physical training.Activities in the water are useful in diseases of the spine and joints, nervous stress.There are special facilities for pregnant and lactating women, and people with poor health.

If you are concerned about cellulite, the water aerobics can help you in dealing with this unpleasant phenomenon.Because the water in the process of physical exercise is good massages the body, which means that after a certain cycle activities "orange peel" significantly reduced or disappear forever. water aerobics classes are good that, despite the high physical activity, you will not suffer from sweating.

Physiotherapy in water - this is the right companion for those who want to lose weight.For every hour of exercise you will burn 450 to 700 calories.Catching, you will achieve your desired results, taking pleasure from the process.After the water has the property to remove the feeling of its own weight, the load during exercise is evenly distributed throughout the body, the risk of injury or tension is much lower than in the classroom on the land.

To contraindicated aerobics

Despite the high efficiency and low risk of injury, water aerobics classes are some contraindications.It is impossible to engage in water to people who have had a heart attack, as well as those who have a tendency to seizures.Suffering from asthma should consult with your doctor, usually they can be engaged in the basins with little depth.