you need
  • - wooden trellis;
  • - iron pipes;
  • - brick;
  • - covering material.
Terms folding woodpile depend on where they are installed.The simplest option - it is to add up all the wood in the woodshed.They will be under the canopy, which reliably protects against rain and stack of wood will be backed by all parties.
No matter what you need to put the wood - birch, pine, aspen or other, first they need to be cut, split and leave in the sun to dry.Therefore, fir
ewood is best done in the spring of.If you add up the woodpile unseasoned wood is drying up, they will shrink, leading to the collapse of the woodpile, as if it did not fit tightly.
If the wood in the woodshed add up the floor, there is nothing further to lay down the woodpile is not necessary.If the floor without need for every woodpile lay long tapestry that does not saturate the wood moisture, which is present in the earthen floor.
At the bottom of stacked flat, long logs.All of the following rows lie close to each other.That is, you need to lay separate each log, and not to bring down bulk and then lay so thick masonry does not succeed.
The woodshed is possible to make so many woodpile as you like and how many can fit.Each track woodpile should start, step back a little from the previous one with a slight slope towards the already established firewood.
If the firewood stacked on an open space where there are no walls on the sides need to install wooden trellis or iron pipes, lay down the trellis, boards or red brick in a row.
Masonry is made as in the woodshed.But the sides made connecting grid of smooth wood.To install it should be laid along one line, the other across.After all the firewood stacked woodpile need top cover to protect against rain.
There is also a method of laying a stack.To do this you need to put a bottom round, tight stacking logs and begin to circle the entire clutch.Each next number must be added to the overlap on a number of already-built.But this method is rarely used because it occupies a lot of space and because of the unreliability of installation.