system Qigong Classes are held in the form of seminars, there are four levels of training, start - first.They instructor explains in detail what exercises are included in this step shows how to perform them correctly, and talks about the healing effect they have.He will explain and what errors may have occurred during the performance of a particular exercise.Such errors can reduce the effect of their implementation to zero.

As a rule, seminars are held for 4-6 days in a row and the last 3:00.This is quite a serious burden.Sometimes the seminar is preceded by a free introductory lecture, which can increase its level.To consolidate the know
ledge of the instructor asks students to repeat all the exercises at home.After completion of the workshop, students can continue mastering the basics of Qigong, attending regular classes at the same school.

Moscow qigong can be practiced in one of the numerous schools, details of which you can find on the Internet.On the club's website "Zhong Yuan Qigong" posted a list of all workshops, which will be held in the capital in the next few months.The first column of signs is the school logo, which will be conducting classes.Point to it?you will see all the contact numbers of school, address and guidance on how best to get there.Pick the one, which shows the location of the most convenient and the program will show you the most attractive.

perform exercises qigong can women and men, regardless of age, state of health and physical fitness.Typically, in any center or school, you will be able to offer classes on a system of Qigong heals both primary and higher levels.Basic seminars and classes to help you get the basic knowledge and learn the exercises, with which performance you start recovery of the organism.There are specially selected systems for the recovery of women's health and strength.