you need
  • - spatula;
  • - steel brush;
  • - putty;
  • - primer;
  • - roller or brush;
  • - wallpaper paste.
If you plan to stick wallpaper on the whitewashed walls, it can be done only if the layer of lime and a small holding quite firmly.
before wallpapering a thorough preparatory work.Buy in building supermarkets acrylic primer.Put it on the wall using a large brush or roller.Allow the primer to dry for 24-36 hours, apply a second layer again, dry and cover the walls on the third time.
Proceed to Wallcovering 24 hours after the application of a third layer of primer.Drying time depends on whether the room temperature.The higher the temperature, the less time it will take to dry each layer of primer.
If the whitewash on the walls of many places and she began to flake off
, will not help any primer as wallpaper simply fall off with a layer of lime.In this case the inevitable clearing work and plastered walls, then you can paste the wallpaper.
To remove lime from the walls, use an iron spatula, brush, rag with water.To maximize the dust was not enough, generously spray the walls, remove a layer of lime with a spatula and wire brush again thoroughly rinse the walls, zashpaklyuyte.
After removing the whitewash, thoroughly dry the room, apply a coat of sealer, dry wall.Wallpaper can be pasted in a dry place at zero temperature.If you do not take a sufficient amount of time to dry, despite the fact that the walls are cleaned of lime, wallpaper can fall off and you will have to redo all the work.
When Wallcovering use high quality glue that is suitable for the type of materials that you are going to stick.It will also be a guarantee that the wallpaper will be held firmly enough.