you need
  • -domkraty;
  • -wooden or metal beams,
  • length exceeding the length of the house on the 1st;-podstavki;
  • -wooden or metal, which is temporarily based your home.
  • also prepare materials for laying a new foundation:
  • -cement;
  • -pesok;
  • -scheben;
  • -wooden boards shuttering;
  • -betonomeshalku;
  • -lopaty;
  • -armaturnye bars 12mm.
Fight to the already existing foundation symmetrical openings under the lower crown on opposite sides of the house.Get them prepared beams so that both sides remained the same over the length of the ends of the beams.
Install a beam pads and with the help of jacks at the same time carefully lift the house.Under the elevated house install temporary supports.They must be reliable an
d robust.
Remove the pieces of the old foundation, clear the perimeter of the foundation of debris.Mark the place for the new foundation.
As planned the perimeter of the foundation of the new dig a trench depth of slightly more than 1 m, a width of 40-50 cm. Sand backfill the trench to a height of 50 cm for drainage and tamp it.Set in a trench formwork made of wooden planks.
make concrete, a concrete mixer, mix 1 part cement M500, 3 parts sand, 2 parts gravel.Pour the concrete into the formwork, paving the three reinforcing rod top and bottom formwork.Formwork must be filled once a day.Therefore, make sure that there have assistants, one can not cope.
After drying, remove the formwork foundation, fill up the holes with soil.On top lay the foundation of two layers of roofing material for waterproofing.
poddomkrachenny Gently lower house for a new foundation.Carefully, one by one remove the beam.Chunks delete unnecessary foundation with a hammer.The house should sit flat on the new location.