you need
  • To solve the problem, you'll need special biological agents or ilosos (special machine for pumping cesspools).
find the nearest organization that is engaged in the disposal of liquid waste.Book ilosos - a special machine for pumping effluent.Cesspool emptying machines are designed for vacuum cleaning of cesspits, wells, storm and sewer networks of silt and its transportation to the place of unloading.Special-purpose equipment includes mac
hines ilososnye tank, vacuum pump with drive, suction boom, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems and accessories.Management of the suction boom is carried out with the remote control.Unloading rollover tank sludge produced.The only drawback of this method, if you pumped pit first time in her life, after pumping it loses its ability to absorb water, and it will have to pump out each year.
discomfort makes us look for a quick way out of this situation.Using the well-publicized imports chemicals for summer toilets eventually adversely affect the environment.The use of this group of drugs helps to eliminate unpleasant smell, but you can not dispose of harmless waste products, resulting in environmental pollution.Fortunately, there is another category of drugs that do not cause harm to the environment.Their use is a natural decomposition of organic matter by living organisms.Especially effective microbiological drugs, which include drug "Tamir", manufactured by the same company as the microbiological fertilizer "Baikal EM1".Both drugs are very similar in composition, but "Tamir" contains a large and active group of micro-organisms responsible for decomposition of organic matter.As preparation "Baikal EM1", "Tamir" best before use diluted with warm water.For example, if you want to prepare a solution to the sump volume 2m³, it takes 10 liters of water, and they added half a cup of the drug.Recommended solution for greater efficiency to put it on a couple of hours in a warm environment to micro-organisms began to actively proliferate.Then, the prepared solution was poured into a latrine pit .After a while, the smell is almost gone, and the contents will be processed during the summer beneficial bacteria.
Buy Special biologics for summer toilets and septic tanks, their foundation soil bacteria, hourly workers in the ground.Only from these bacteria isolated ones when their work does not produce methane (after extra flavor we do not need).Naturally, it is not pathogenic (non-pathogenic) bacteria, but also the most effective for recycling the human digestive system.Well, of course, they are supplemented by starting dose of enzymes that allow the bacteria to immediately get to work.Spread the "magic" powder with warm water, let it brew for a bit, but the bacteria to wake up and deal!That is, in a pit latrine .The first results can already be seen in a day, on the surface of waste water produced white film of bacteria.The smell is much weaker (not like bleach), as a consequence - the flies disappear, and most importantly - reduces the amount of impurities in the pit.Last you can easily keep track of the tracks on the walls.