Someone starts the morning with hot coffee, someone like an invigorating refreshing shower, and there are those for whom the day does not start without charging the morning.

effect of charging

classes in the morning helps our body finally wake up from the dream.It happens that, waking up, we can spend half awake half the day.Therefore it is charging - this is a very good way to get out of sleep mode.In a short period of time by means of simple exercises you can bring your body to a healthy state and a charge of good mood for the whole day.

But this is not all of that can give us 10-15 minutes each morning.Carrying out a warm-up, you will strengthen your muscles and joints, make the spine more flexible, restore normal blood circulation after sleeping, run all body systems.Besides regular classes are trained in human tenacity and e

Even if you do not do a few hours a day, a small charge in the morning would be extremely useful.Just start up a little earlier in the morning.First time to wake up early, it may be difficult.But it is only the beginning.Gradually, your body gets used to it, and the body begins to ask itself in the morning warm-up.

desired mood

It is very important what state you begin to exercise.It is not necessary to perform a warm-up with a sour expression on his face - the wrong attitude can make it worse.Therefore, wake up, smile, get up out of bed, stretch.It is possible to start to make water treatment and only then proceed to block the morning exercises.


Start with that raise your hands through the sides up, connect them to the castle.Stretch right, left-right.Make lean forward with a sense of tension in the spine.
When taut spine during complex exercises will be more safe manner.

further activity is possible to construct such a way:

- rotation of hands, forearms, hands straight: standing, feet shoulder width apart (20 times for each variant);
- tilt, swivel and rotation of the head (15-20 times in each direction);
- tilt, swivel, rotation stop (standing 20-25 times in each direction);
- lunges and leg rotation in the knee: standing, one leg bent at the knee, thigh parallel to the floor (15 times for each variant);
- shift of focus: feet wider than shoulders, feet parallel (15-20 times);
- push-ups until exhaustion;
- bike (15-20 times in each direction);
- drawing straight legs digits in the air - from 1 to 10.

Finally, you can go under the wall.Legs straight, at an angle of 90 degrees.Try the back and shoulders off the floor do not interrupt.Throws back his head no.

few minutes in this position will help to remove stress from the waist.This posture also helps to relieve tired feet.

You can create your own combination with other exercises and sequence.If there is an opportunity to engage in nature or on the street, well, do not give up on her.Pleasant atmosphere during charging - this is 50% of the success of your event.