Tip 1: How to find the wiring in the wall

Happy owner of square meters will inevitably face the need for drilling holes in the wall hidden wiring.If housing purchased on the secondary real estate market, are unlikely to find the wiring diagram specific apartment.We'll have to figure out on their own, which hides a hidden wiring.Otherwise, you risk not only disable the whole house from the power supply, but, God forbid, lose life itself.
you need
  • - a device for determining hidden wiring;
  • - radio operating at a purity of about 100 kHz.
Use one of the devices to detect hidden wiring.Probe MS-58m allows you to not only search for a hidden wiring and other metal objects in the walls of buildings.Brass, steel, aluminum products easily detected with this probe.The exception is found in the walls of metal objects, shielded, such as foil.The depth of the detection depends on the mass, size and type of material.
Solve the problem of detecting hidden wiring using the alarm E121 ("Woodpecker").With it, you can also defin
e breaks in live wires.This robust domestic devices used by professional electricians.Search for hidden wiring located at a depth of 5-7 cm, "Woodpecker" is not a problem.
Warning "Woodpecker" ready to go
A cheaper version of the "Woodpecker" is a Chinese indicator flush MS.This device is sensitive to all metal objects.When you work with them need to be accustomed to distinguish the signals from the hidden wiring, for example, by screws.Device brand MS acquire novice or amateur electricians electricians.
The determining device hidden wiring MS-158M
searches for hidden wiring in the walls of various building structures device POSP-1.He will warn you about the presence of electrical switchboards, cabinets and so on. AC electric field.Discover hidden wiring voltage tester can GVT-92 brands, GVD-503, GVD-504A.Route flush, breaks in wires are determined by contactless device VP-440.
As you can see, the market offers a sufficient number of diverse devices to detect hidden wiring.However, prices of professional devices cost a pretty penny.Therefore, we can apply the antiquated method.Take an old radio, turn and walk with him along the wall.Increased noise and cracking will be given a specific location of the hidden wiring
Locate the hidden wiring of the roughness of the walls in places it proleganiya.Otderite old wallpaper - and it becomes clear circuit wiring.And remember that wiring is installed only in two directions - horizontally and vertically.Have a nice search!

Tip 2: How to find the wiring

Installation hidden wiring is considered to be the best in terms of aesthetics solution, but can seriously puzzled landlord.The cable is hidden under a layer of plaster (or a sheet of drywall), top-pasted wallpaper, time passes.And when there is a desire to attach to a wall shelf, you catch yourself thinking that I do not remember the places where cable runs.And get into it or self-tapping drill is not very desirable.
How to find the wiring
you need
  • knowledge of the basic rules of installation and placement of wiring
  • knowledge of all the local points of connection to the central wiring room
  • Tape or yardstick
find the room all the points, which are connected to the electric cable - stationary lamps, sockets, switches.Knowing the general principles and rules of wiring can be more likely to identify as made descents cable to their location.Usually from the main line wiring, laid under the ceiling, branches depart at a right angle - vertically.Consequently, over the sockets, switches and lamps hang anything and place is not recommended, it is better to stumble away from them to the side.
Measure fifteen centimeters from the ceiling - it was at a distance have taken the center line of the wiring in the house.Of course, master electricians do not measure the distance to the centimeter, and a number of circumstances may force lay cable just above or just below.Yet it is - the most likely place the cable laying.And even if it is not exactly there, the retreat will not be great.
Make Now a hypothetical wiring diagram, guided by the findings obtained logical.Through a hole in one of the walls, at a distance of 15 (plus or minus 20) cm from the ceiling extends horizontally stretching from the main line switch board postings.At this level, above all the switches, sockets and lamps are junction boxes, and to them vertically made descents cable.Due to all this, you can significantly reduce the risk of a short circuit, but avoid it altogether can only sketch the location of the cable before finishing.
Helpful Hint
Do not forget that in addition to the electrical wires on the walls probably protyantut telephone cable and a cable that connects your TV (or receiver) to the antenna - fall into these wires is not so dangerous, but alsois highly undesirable.

good way to recall the wiring diagram - see the photos on the walls, specially made after the electrical work, but before finishing - it will play safe and without any risk.
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