water aerobics classes today are very popular.But how much water can be effective fitness?Can I do water aerobics alone or necessarily need assistance instructor?

Indications and contraindications

Water aerobics is very useful for patients with cardiovascular disease, the elderly, and those who want to lose weight.

way, water aerobics for weight loss is very effective.A month of regular training with an instructor in conjunction with proper nutrition can help throw from 2 to 8 kg.

contraindications regarding the aqua virtually non-existent, except for acute respiratory infections, and genital herpes.

Features training

water aerobics classes can replace a grueling workout in the gym, while not yielding to them in effectiveness.While in the water, the body is mo
re relaxed and much easier.To perform certain exercises in the water, the body needs to expend far more effort and energy.The fact is that the density of water is much higher than the density of air.

In addition, many perceive water aerobics as some entertainment.After class, improved mood and sleep.That is why this type of fitness is particularly recommended for women in the state as intrusive option exercise.

water aerobics classes can be directed to a whole group of muscles: the chest and arms, shoulder joints, even the press.And for larger loads and more active work of the muscles can be used attachments such as akvapoyasa, gloves, weights, special shoes.

How to make the most efficient water aerobics

Catching water aerobics, accustom themselves to the correct and timely supply.It is not recommended to engage with a full stomach, it is best to eat two hours before the start of training.The fact is that during training the abdominal cavity under strong pressure, and even simple exercise after consumption of food are difficult.The same applies to power after a workout.

second rule effective training - proper breathing.Clearly follow the instructor, breathe calmly and in tact.Feature aqua aerobics is that during training the body consumes more oxygen than during any other power exercises out of the water.Accordingly, without proper breathing exercise would be less effective.

aqua aerobics Dedicate at least half an hour and try to repeat each exercise for at least 15-20 times, then you will certainly get the desired effect.