you need
  • screwdriver, knife, masking tape, LED
for troubleshooting electrical switch does not need to call a professionalelectrician, and pay him for the work that is able to perform even the novice home craftsman.
Procedure may be about as follows: dismantle switch , make sure it is a fault, switch to repair.Only in the event that the device back to life you can not, you can attend to the acquisition of the new switch and its installation on a fault.
Start with security.On the panel, located on the landing, turn off the machine, regulating the electrical circuit of your apartment.
Remove the faulty switch .This typically requires gently pry the screwdr
iver, knife or other suitable tool key switch.Pull down on itself, so that it came out of the grooves.
Use a screwdriver to pry off the central part of the device, made of plastic.Pull it toward you.Typically, with the central part removed a decorative frame.Under the decorative part of the switch, you can consider the two screws located on the edges.Loosen the screws with a screwdriver.Make sure the screws are not lost, it is difficult to find a replacement in the household.Remove from switch Escutcheon.
Inspect shot switch .If you see inside the melted contact, apparently, it was the reason for the lack of light.Such switch can not be repaired and must be replaced.
If no traces of fusion of contacts, remove the screws that clamp the wires inside the circuit breaker.Examine the details of the switch to determine the presence or absence of damage.Sometimes the problem is a bad switch or simply poor communication at fixing electrical wires.
If you are convinced that faulty switch, insulate the wires with insulating tape, after their droppings.Otherwise, you have to guess which wire to which the connector will have to be connected.
Going for the purchase of a new switch, taking the old sample.This will help you choose a model suitable for the replacement.
Installing a new switch again starts with the disassembly.Remove the key, disconnect the plastic piece holding the frame.Installing the switch in reverse order. mounting the switch again, connect the machine to the plate and check how you managed to cope with the repair.