Training in water - kind of fitness, which is called water aerobics - shows even those who have health problems, too much weight or unsightly figures do not allow to do in the gym.For serious health problems, such as myocardial, malignant tumor, thrombophlebitis, engage in water aerobics is not necessary.But all the rest, in consultation with your doctor, you can choose the coach and a swimming pool to practice this sport utility.

Water aerobics is recommended for varicose veins, diseases of the joints, problems with posture, to get rid of cellulite and slimming.

Action aqua

Water offers resistance greater than air resistance.Therefore, despite the ease of the exercises performed in water, muscles get serious burden when less traffic than in the gym.A

the force of attraction is weaker in water than in air.T
his eliminates joints and spine from unnecessary stress, reduces the risk of sprains, fractures and other injuries.

water temperature in the pool because it is lower than body temperature, can burn extra calories.Water is excellent not only affects the joints, muscles and blood vessels, and skin.Due to its Hot action, the skin becomes supple and elastic.This is especially useful for aging skin.

If you can not swim, water aerobics can be practiced in a special belt.

Training happen to the music.Coach shows the movements that need to be repeated.Classes last 45 minutes.Those who want to lose weight and get rid of cellulite, it is desirable to deal with no less than four times a week.In order to strengthen and maintain health classes three times a day is enough.

Species aqua

Water aerobics is of several varieties.
Aqua Jogging - is running in the water, held in the large pool.Excellent effect on the cardiovascular system.
Aqua Gym - strength training, which uses special equipment: floating dumbbells, balls, flexible rods (Noodles).This equipment is designed to increase the resistance.
Aqua Relaxation - a special set of stretching exercises and muscle relaxation.Recommended for osteochondrosis and problems with the spine.
Aqua Cycle - very effective for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.This exercise simulating cycling.
Aqua Box - complex for all muscle groups, especially for the development of the shoulder girdle, with elements of boxing and karate.
There is also a special set of water aerobics for pregnant women.