Whether the raft, or the boat

Unlike their Indian ancestors, and other modern raft (in translation from English means "flesh") looks more like a big inflatable mattress, or even of synthetics.And the way to overcome without loss of water long distances and rather dangerous obstacles.Swim in it with a sufficient degree of safety and comfort, even in the most turbulent river can be from four to two dozen.

of the number of layers, the rafts are divided into single and double-layer.The advantage of the first, more lightweight and compact, the simplicity o
f preparation for the alloy.The main advantage is considered to be the second great reliability and stability on the water.

Ancient rafting

modern raft is not too similar to the classic wooden raft, but the rafting is known to mankind since time immemorial.And the same dashing "German" Indians fought bravely with the white invaders in the movie, certainly not pioneers of the alloy, and took over the management of their science to the craft is not smooth and quiet river at the former inhabitants of the local ponds.

Such assumption is confirmed by the archaeological excavations.In their view, boats, canoes, great-looking, even in the most terrifying rapids, long ago known to people and used it to overcome the natural water hazards.Rafting was used for the alloy not only soldiers, but also expeditions miners and hunters, but also for moving bulky items for industrial purposes.For example, wood.

way, sometimes referred to as white water rafting and something unimaginable.If only the water to move something resembling a raft and able to pass without loss of at least some barrier.

Sports rafting

As the development of the people of the rivers and the different ways to overcome them, along with rafting canoe slalom began to turn into a really extreme water sport.He is able to throw in the blood of participants present sea of ‚Äč‚Äčadrenaline and energy.

in sports instruments like the movement of people with helmets and life jackets on rafts, or rather rafts, called the scientific phrase: "Team rafting on the time required to overcome natural and artificial water obstacles."The crew of the raft is, in fact, a professional team.And it serves as a captain and coach more responsible not only for the result, but also for the security of teammates and the raft.

Sports competitions on rafting consist of four distinct types: Sprint (or qualifications), for which the team can get up to 100 points;parallel sprint (200 points);Slalom (300);and, finally, the so-called long race (400).The winner of the tournament became the team with the most points.

Tourist rafting

inflatable and convenient both in transportation, as well as when carrying a synthetic "raft-boat-mattress", is very popular and adoring the risk and excitement of extreme tourists.It is particularly in demand in early spring, during the descent from the mountains of snow avalanches and rushing riverbeds of violent or so-called white water with an abundant foam and ice splashing fountains.

main obstacle to rafts are considered separate stones, dangerous rapids (areas with a large difference in water level) and no less dangerous and threatening a coup barrels (areas with backflow occurring at the point of falling water).Thresholds, which overcome the rafters, divided into six categories.Fans and young athletes usually compete at the thresholds of the third or fourth categories.Professionals - fifth or sixth.

maximum objective for many tourists, especially beginners, is a kind of swimming in icy water wild chaos degree of flow.But for more experienced rafters same task is different - to defeat this terrible thread to deal with it, to subdue the "white water" and survive ...