In yoga it is believed that having at least two times a week is not as effective.But also do not forget that excessive zeal for classes for beginners can not long survive.Man "burns" and throws a class rather than to obtain for themselves a huge favor.Therefore, two sessions per week is the optimum number for beginners.Gradually our body stronger, gain strength and "ask" to increase the load.Speaking about the increasing load, meaning that the increase and frequency of sessions per week, and the complexity of the asanas us.But all this comes gradually!It is necessary for us to remember your friends!

Yoga is not intended to achieve what that external indicators.The increase in our

strength, flexibility and beauty come by itself along with our regular practice.But most importantly, what should not be forgotten when we practice yoga, that if our employment will not be harmony, that our practice already and yoga can not be called.It will be gymnastics, acrobatics, but not yoga.It is not easy to feel those who are just beginning to deal with, because we are constantly distracted by external factors.This is understandable.The modern pace of life in cities, metropolitan areas are not particularly helps to ensure that we are guided by his inner world and trusted him.It is to learn to listen to yourself, trust your inner feelings, and we were given the practice of yoga.It's not fast, but reliable and proven way.This road, which will lead us to our original state of happiness and joy.And this can not be achieved without a balanced approach.So remember that the gradual entry into the practice of a very important principle.

Wanted classes will be successful and will give us an excellent result, help in life and learn to listen to yourself!Therefore, our task in the initial stages, it is the habit.