Brass - the only style in swimming, which allows hands completely under water during movement, which greatly reduces the speed of the swimmer, but very save resources of the body.Breaststroke, you can swim quite a distance, not the statute in this way tired swimmers when using rabbit or butterfly.Brass-swimmers also used by the military, hunters, lovers of underwater fishing - for silent movement.In addition, this style of navigation is only possible for diving (scuba diving and freediving).Of course, to learn the proper technique breaststroke best of all in the pool under the supervision of an experienced coach, however, some tips and advice can be given in theory.

work hands and feet

Technically breaststroke style is considered to be difficult, as the swimmer must synchronize the motion of the body.First th
ere is a symmetrical stroke his hands, and then - the simultaneous strong push with both feet, with the swimmer also monitored the work of the lungs.In breaststroke, unlike all other types of diving, the main role is played by the feet and not your hands.In fact, the hand movements only prepare the body and reduce the resistance of the water mass.After this leg from the "frog" make a powerful impetus, turning the body into a pose "torpedo" (hands and feet together, body stretched "in strunochku" for the largest slide in the water), and the body itself moves in the water by inertia.During the sliding body muscles time to rest.

Management breathing

movement of the head when swimming breaststroke must repeat the movements of the body.Wrong, when the head is always above water (vertical position) - it could badly affect the spine and the cervical, moreover, in such a situation in the lungs does not get the proper amount of oxygen.The right is a sequence of actions: paddle arms provides support for lifting the trunk, made a deep breath, mouth, face and neck and then immersed in water, where the air while running out of steam as the mouth and nose.

Tips for amateur swimmers

To speed sailing enthusiasts, swimming exclusively for pleasure can change the foot traffic on krolevye (alternating vertical movement).In addition to accelerating the movement, it changes the working group of muscles and gives time to relax tired muscles.In the professional sailing such an option, unfortunately, is prohibited (in the competition can be assumed only one undulation during the first stroke after the start and after the turn).