Tip 1: How to make a foundation for extensions

Construct an addition to the house is not such a simple matter as it seems.It is necessary to take into account many factors, to make mistakes, to decide how to fill the foundation .And, in fact, from this moment, and many questions are beginning to emerge.
you need
  • shovel;
  • instrumentation;
  • grout foundation
To determine the depth to which it is necessary to dig a foundation extension , you need to understand what is the depth of freezing ground.For example, if the foundation main house of about a meter, and the ground freezes to a depth of 1.5 m, it is necessary to dig it 1.5 meters.The foundation for the extension recommend separated from the general foundation of the house that did not happen when settling any problems.
How to
Also, when the device foundation and observe the terrain, such as a relief in the area, the quality of the soil and the weight of the intended structure.Because if properly calculate these parameters, mistakes can easily lead to deform
ation of all newly constructed buildings.And besides, it may happen that the collapse and the wall of the main building.
After all the calculations are made, the earth dug out, you need to start laying the reinforcement and pouring the foundation itself well.To do this, dilute a special mixture and pour the foundation.Experts recommend not then engaged in construction during the year that the base is already settled as expected and did not violate the design.
Another option is to make annex foundation - put it on a concrete pad.They can easily be cast in the form directly on the site.Before filling in the form to insert ready-made piles of their pre-Gulf protective impregnation.After that you need to arrange the resulting piles at a distance of about 1 to 1.5 meters apart.Then you need to decide on what height will the floor and cut to the required size of the pile.Then attach it to the harness of the future building.And even then, you can begin construction, though a couple of days after the installation of the base.
How to

Tip 2: How to make an addition

Many owners of private houses willing to extend the useful area of ​​the house, arranging additional loft or a small covered porch.Unfortunately, few of them know how to make an addition to the house that she was a strong, reliable and durable.
How to extension
you need
  • brick, sand, cement, gravel, or battle brick fittings
determine the size of future extensions and carefully count the number of the material- bricks, sand, cement, gravel, or a fight, fittings.
Mark future pit using twine strung fishing line, or at least, carefully check the angles of an equilateral and - for this measure diagonally (must be the same).
to have at least a superficial idea of ​​how to make an addition to the house, read a couple of books or compendiums of construction - will certainly be very useful.
Dig a pit for the foundation, the width of the pit should be 15-20 cm more than the planned wall thickness.Depth - not less than 60 cm.
At the bottom of the pit pour the finished five-centimeter layer of sand as a pillow.
Pour the foundation in a band with the mandatory use of the valve.Can a new valve using the gun several bury an already existing foundation of the house.
Top foundation "prozheleznite" dry cement and wait for its complete solidification.
On top lay a foundation plinth finished in red brick thickness in half to two bricks, the height of at least three bricks.Do not forget to put a layer of foundation waterproofing, roofing material or suitable conventional roofing.
laying brick walls, strengthen every fifth series of valves, clogged the holes in the existing wall - it will not give the new annexe to move away from the wall with a small shrinkage of the foundation.
vertical walls and horizontal rows, check the level of hydraulic construction.
rafters on the roof of a wooden frame made of bars section of at least 40x40 mm.The roof can be arranged on your own - a saddle or pent.
floors lay on the wooden joists, laid on the base (do not forget about waterproofing).
internal finishing works are carried out on an individual design project.
  • how to pour the foundation for extension