Secret 1

to lose weight during the voyage should hold a special pre-workout stretch certain muscle groups.Exercise carried out for arms, legs, torso and head rotation.After that you can start navigation.

Secret 2

can significantly reduce the weight with vigorous swimming.In this case, the emphasis is on increasing the heart rate.Also solve the problem of extra kilos can be aerobics in the water.In many basins provided similar training with a professional instructor.Thus, the weight loss will be perfectly combined with a pleasant exercise.In this aerobics does not require great skill in swimming.In this case, simply to be able to float.Remember that water - it is an excellent remedy
for many troubles.It refreshes, cleans and nourishes.Water containing macro and micronutrients, nutrients.

Secret 3

To lose weight, it is worth remembering that it is useful not only to swim in the pool, but just to float.When a person is resting, it's a little manipulating arms and legs to stay on the surface.This kind of exercise.During this period a certain amount of energy is consumed.

There are different styles of swimming, in which different amount of energy consumed.It helps to reduce the weight of the dolphin style (butterfly).Weight loss can also combine the two styles simultaneously: front crawl and butterfly.Alternate can for 5 minutes.

Secret 4

To achieve the opposite effect of weight loss during workouts in the pool do not forget that swimming contributes to a significant increase in appetite.Try to control food intake.

Going to the gym in the pool, you need to eat 1-1.5 hours before training.To begin the food intake after exercise should be no earlier than an hour.

Adjust your diet along with water procedures your diet if your goal is weight loss in the pool.The diet include dairy products, vegetables, fish and meat is low-fat varieties.As sweet allowed to eat a limited amount of dried fruit.

Secret 5

After a certain time you swim, you are sure to perform a small set of useful exercises.
wave of his feet are provided to strengthen the muscles of your thighs.To exercise should stand up to their necks in water.Straight arms extended in front of him.You must perform climbs straight left leg as much as possible trying to reach your toes palm.The exercise is performed 10 times on each leg.

Reduction and breeding hands will effectively develop the muscles of hands.To perform the exercise you need to go into the water up to his neck.Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.Straight arms slightly divorced around.Then run paddling motion with his hands.Exercise is repeated 10 times in 3 sets.

running water stimulates slimming thighs and buttocks.To exercise should stand up to their necks in water.Back straight.The pelvis should draw a way to make the most tensed muscles of the buttocks.Alternately bend right and left knee.The exercise is performed for 5-7 minutes.