Pregnant women should take care about the state of the mammary glands.To skin the breast after breast feeding the child does not lose its elasticity during pregnancy is necessary to use special creams for the breast.We should not forget about the daily hygiene and breast massage.
Pregnant women and new mothers should not wear the chest compression underwear.Women awaiting a baby, and nursing mothers developed special bras on wide straps, which perfectly support will increase in breast size, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts.
order during breastfeeding breast does not droop, it should comply with the basic rules of
breast-feeding: Choose a comfortable position during feeding, right Put your baby to the breast.
Nursing mothers should be taken daily douches, which is perfectly tones skin, trains ligaments and blood vessels.Taking water treatments, direct, circular movements in a clockwise direction the jet of warm water on his chest, and then cool water, repeat the same movements.After such a shower rub into the skin of the breast a special cream for the breast, improves its elasticity.
Particular attention should be given to nursing mothers exercise to increase the elasticity of the chest, you need to perform on a daily basis.
Stand up straight, put your hands up and bend your elbows at chest level.Press the palms of both hands together, and within five seconds with a force crush them.Relax and lower your arms.Repeat seven times.During this exercise, you should feel your chest muscles tighten in the armpits.
Stand facing a wall at a distance of one step from it.Lean palms of your hands against the wall and lean forward until your chest is not touch the walls.Repeat seven times.
main rule preserving the breast after birth is the desire of the woman.The correct approach to this issue and provide daily care of young mum positive.