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  • Convinced surfers and professional athletes usually go with his board.But in almost every place where you can go, have rental station longboards.
Indonesia, Bali

most popular surfer resort much loved by Australians, but in recent years more and Russian.In the town of Kuta travel both beginners and experienced athletes, in addition to training, there are plenty of nightclubs.Everyday life day and night.

One of the best places in Europe for surfing.The most famous spots are located on the peninsula of Peniche and Baleale and Argarve in the town in the south.Despite facing south, the Atlantic Ocean is cool even in summer.So ride all basically in wetsuits.

There are plenty of places to practice.On the mainland - is prima
rily Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain, where you can find Russian instructors.Also, there are spots near San Sebastian and in Galicia.And of course on ostrovah- Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Landsarote, Fuerteventura.

First of all, it is the neighborhood of Agadir - there are spots for both novice surfers as well as for professionals.In addition, it is one of the favorite destinations for Russian organized Surf Camp, visiting "camps", where for the first time to get on board, and to hone skills and spend time in pleasant company.

skiing is possible in Florianopolis, near Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro.In addition to skiing, you can plunge into the atmosphere of Latin America and enjoy the unique nature.However, in some cities it can be quite dangerous.
Dominican Republic

There is not only a beach holiday in an "all inclusive", but you can spend time actively.Russian surf school based mainly on the north coast, near the city of Puerto Plata.The Dominican Republic has all types of waves, and besides, eternal summer and beautiful sandy beaches.
United States, Hawaii

One of the most difficult and expensive for the Russians islands.Not only the distance, but also because of the need US visa.However, Hawaii - is a recognized mecca for surfers from around the world, the locals here as are born with the ability to ski on the longboard.This is not surprising, because Hawaii is home to the classic surfing.