After the baby is born, Mom and Dad surrounded by his constant care.In the first months of life is especially important mother.Mom and feed and caress and warm.

Pope is invisibly present in the life of the child, it is very important for the baby, but the baby does not understand it.We give the child everything he needs at the beginning of life.

Then, when the child grows up, changed his view of the world.The world is becoming more widely!Already dad and other people come in sight of the baby.

At a time when the baby is able to realize something and understand education begins.Build relationships child's parents.And here's how they build a well?

Yoga provides an answer to this question.The main recommendation is that we begin to treat the child as a teacher or a teacher.

It may well be that the soul of our child came into the world to share their knowledge!This is particularly true for those parents who are i

n their lives using the practice of yoga.

In any event, such an attitude is a win-win position!The child receives free thanks to her self-expression, the freedom to choose a vector of development in their own lives.

task moms and dads - keep him in the early stages of what could be a danger to life and health of the child.Not more!After all, we remember that in yoga thing - a harmonious approach to everything in our lives.

A certain degree of "unfreedom" child will receive in any case.Yoga believes that the fact that the soul is embodied in this world in the face of your child, says that you already have certain powers.

soul of the child delegated you the right to take care of themselves until such time as he will not be able to do it.Reasonable restrictions will benefit most baby.

task of parents to learn how to treat the actions of the child as to the lessons for themselves themselves.The entire universe gives us some lessons through other people.And in the case of a child of their own is very important.Therefore, any tricks of their offspring are interpreted as if it were the Absolute born from you.

interesting analogy can be seen in religion.Orthodox Jews who live in Israel are still waiting for a mission!Adherents of Christianity, which arose later, as the Bible says, wait.And those who adhere to the Jewish faith, still waiting!

How this manifests itself in their lives?This is manifested in relation to the parents to the boy, who was born to them.Imagine that the child was born, and to it was originally treated as a savior of mankind!The child is paying attention.With him are involved, give music lessons, drawing.And suddenly it was he ?!

Yoga is not a religion!Yoga is a system of self-discovery.But a similar situation can be seen in generic yoga.And the attitude to the child is as if it was a teacher or teacher.

But so it is really!Whatever soul came to light, it will still have a lot to learn.And even more so if the soul is highly!So you have nothing to lose.

We brought up the example of the religious features a child-in certain directions.Example as an analogy.But there is a significant difference.

religion in high regard "deserves" just a boy.In yoga, the same is not true!The soul has no gender, so the boys and girls are equally likely to do much good for our lives!In some schools of yoga, by contrast, focuses on the girls!It is believed that it should come Teachers!

It would be great if you get to build a relationship on equal terms!It is important for your child's age, when it begins to form a core of consciousness.Build relationships with the child clear, natural, and, of course, sane!

We tried to explain to the child what is bad and what is good, and not just use restrictions!We did raise our conscious personality!The sooner we understand this, the better it will be for all family members.

Our task is to make friends with your baby!Then he will trust you to share what he pleases and worries.And his decision, he will accept reasonable.All this is not easy, but possible.It is very important!