One of the key moments in the yoga exercises - proper breathing.Without it, yoga is transformed into a set of physical exercises is quite dangerous in case of improper performance.That is the breathing at first should be given maximum attention.It should be noted that if you do not have time for a full session, you can only replace it with breathing exercises that can be performed during the day in spare moments.Breathing exercises contribute to the development of the respiratory muscles, chest expansion, activate metabolism and in the case of regular performance can cure some diseases associated with metabolic disorders, such as oksalaturiya overweight or atherosclerosis.
word "Ń‘oga" comes from the Sanskrit word "Yog
i" and "Yuca", which means "harness", "togetherness", "rein".

medical restrictions for novice yogis

Before you start doing breathing exercises, make sure you do not have the following health problems:
- organic heart disease;
- traumatic brain injuries and their consequences;
- inflammation of the brain and its consequences;
- blood disorders (thrombosis, leukemia, thrombophlebitis, disturbed acid-base balance);
- increased intracranial pressure;
- defects of the diaphragm;
- inflammation of the lungs;
- acute inflammation of internal organs.

Breathing exercises can not be performed after spending thoracic and abdominal operations at least until the disappearance of adhesions, as well as during acute neurotic conditions and vegetative dystonia.It is not necessary to practice yoga when very tired, with a high temperature, while heavy and painful menstruation and overheating.Pregnant women up to the second month of pregnancy, these exercises are also contraindicated.

basic breathing techniques yogis

Cleaning breath
This is a basic exercise that is done to cleanse the respiratory tract, or when you need to recover downed breathing rhythm.
1. Stand with your arms down at your sides, feet about shoulder width apart.
2. Enter as much air into the lungs.
3. Do not holding breath a little, jerky exhale, stretching her lips into a smile.Do not puff.The body during exhalation should be as tight - clenched his hands, legs straight, the body is picked up.
4. Repeat the cycle until the full restoration of breathing.

1. Stand up straight.
2. Inhale as deeply as possible, feel victimized lungs.
3. Hold your breath for the maximum possible time.
4. Open your mouth and elastic, with pressure exhale.
5. Follow the "Cleansing Breath."
In yogic practice is believed that holding your breath helps the entire body - from the digestive organs to the nervous system.Regular execution can completely transform the body and make it healthy.Yoga is considered a panacea for the treatment of apnea.

activation light
1. Stand up straight, his arms along the body.
2. Take a very deep and slow breaths.
3. When there fullness of light, hold your breath and begin to gently knock on the chest open palms.
4. On the long exhale pat on the chest with his fingertips.
5. Follow the "Cleansing Breath."
This is a very effective technique to activate the oxygen scavenging cells, however, it should be done very carefully.At the first sign of dizziness should immediately complete the exercise and relax.

Exercise to improve circulation
1. Stand up straight.
2. Take a very deep breath and hold your breath.
3. Slightly bend forward, taking both his hands a cane or a gymnastic stick the ends.
4. Slowly squeeze the stick stronger and stronger.
5. straightened slowly, exhaling, reduce the compressive force of the stick.
6. Repeat several times.
7. Follow the "Cleansing Breath."
This exercise at regular performance serves as the treatment of hypo- and hypertension, improves blood circulation and tones the body.It can be done with an imaginary stick - presenting her self and putting the power in the imaginary grip.
yoga for the first time mentioned in the Rig Veda, Indo-Iranian monument of Indian literature, which according to rough data from three to nearly four thousand years.

Yoga - a truly unique phenomenon.Even respiratory component of its profound effect on the body and changes it.If we add to breath regularly perform even the most simple asanas, the effect may turn out phenomenal.