One of the first of such rules, which are set out in special leaflets in almost every pool, is: "In no case can not drink the water out of the pool."Probably, the rule is written for parents of young children, but without clarifying the meaning of this small is somewhat absurd.Perhaps we can add well-known even to children from a fairy tale phrase: "Do not drink, or you become a kid."
Another interesting rule is a ban on swimming without a bathing suit and cap.Hood, though it raises questions about the need, after all, need to avoid clogging water filters in the pool, as well as to protect the hair and scalp.But why prescribe bathing suit, remains unclear.Probably, it should scare off fans of nature and naturalism - nu
dists.Or usually created specifically for fans of the popular Hippolytus Christmas movie that dream swim in coat and fur hat.
Rule causing laughter from a more or less adequate to the people, is the assertion that you can not pee in the pool.For these purposes, a few centuries ago, it was coined by the toilet, but some swimmers, apparently comfortable without it.As proved by scientists that have examined in detail the question, it is not only contrary to cultural norms, but also dangerous to health.By the way, can the ban on drinking from the pools is dictated by non-compliance with this rule?
following rule, which can also laugh, especially visitors a sports complex with swimming pool, this is a ban on swimming in alcohol or drug intoxication.Perhaps is the brave people, who in this state want to swim, but they will get you to your destination - it is a question.This may also include a rule prohibiting drinking alcohol and smoking in the water.Indeed, just a resort some turns and not swimming lessons!
also forbidden to enter the swimming pool with open wounds on the body, apparently in order not to shock the other swimmers especially impressionable.Of course, we are talking about is that you can get an infection through an open wound, but after all, who in their right mind would come to the pool with injuries, even if this rule did not exist?Reading these lines, and represented a man with a bullet through his knee, it is now willing to swim all the Olympic standards.
One of the funniest laws related to swimming pools, was passed in the Californian city of Baldwin Park.Case law in the United States suggests the presence of some countries, laws, and therefore it is not surprising that the residents of this city were officially prohibited from traveling to the pool on a bicycle.Apparently, the precedents were nevertheless.