The first thing to say is drugs.Absolutely all kinds of drugs lead to failure in the practice of mantras.

Why the theme of "dope" in general emerges in connection with yoga?Because, for example, people have used something of the drugs with him, to a certain extent, it narrowed consciousness to what that object or phenomenon.Man it seems that at this time it is something opens, the world appears to him as a single vibration, or something like that.But all these "visions" are present only at the time of drug action.And then what?And then it will be bad!Then comes the response when a person is not so good that he even can not remember what he dreamed "enlightening."

So if you ever hear that a particular drug, "marijuana" or something like that helps to awaken the mantra, then try to stay a

way from it!It is not necessary to argue with this kind of audience, everyone chooses his own way.And if your karma is not to dissuade them, Go just past.Any narcotic "stimulants" Yoga eliminates!

can hear that even in ancient yoga texts is mention of the fact that the practice had used "something" to help you on the path of spiritual development.Indeed, in some texts mention some stimulants.But why are our contemporaries decided that the narcotic effect of stimulants?Rather, it comes from their own depravity.And it could go on and less drastic means.For example, the strength equated to a bottle of beer.That is a drink of organic origin.And yet, even such, no specific references in ancient texts almost never find!

And why?Because yoga is excluded everything that overshadows the use of consciousness.Even something light, organic origin.A heavier products were invented and only in recent years.Yoga on the contrary are struggling with illusion, Maya, with all sorts of hallucinations!They are trying to raise their "island of the clear consciousness"!And no more himself in the wilds of hallucinations to drive.