At the beginning of the joint sessions, do a little gymnastics.Stand up straight, pull your hands in front of him, alternately make circular movements in the carpal, elbow and shoulder joints of the hands.Body weight transfer on the right foot, as circled in the hip, knee and ankle joints of his left foot.Repeat the exercise on the joints of the right leg.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms down along the body.On the exhale, lower your upper body down, his hands grasp the lower leg, drag breast forward.Fix the position for 1 minute.On the inhale, transfer the body weight to the right foot, put both hands on the shin of the same leg,
pulling the stomach to the hip.Hold this position for 1 minute.On the inhale move your body weight back to the middle, and then on the other foot.Repeat the stretch on the left leg.
Sit on the floor, straighten your legs in front of him, hands raise up.On the exhale, lower your upper body to the legs, drag forward feeding, be careful not to round your back.Use your fingers to grasp the legs, feet or toes, belly breathing.Fix the position for 2-3 minutes.On the inhale, return to the original position, pull the top of the arms.
Sit on your heels, interlock your fingers behind your back in the "lock".On the inhale as much as possible, open the chest, raise your hands up, revealing the shoulder joints.Hold the pose for 3-5 minutes.Exhale, return to starting position.
Sit down, bend your knees, feet position on the edges of the thighs.Knees and legs should be fully lowered to the floor.On the inhale lean back and helping himself with his hands, completely lie on the floor.Fix the position for 3 - 5 minutes, try to completely relax, breathe stomach.On the inhale, return to the starting position.