Water aerobics is an exercise designed to perform in the water, the level of the liquid in which there is profound.This type of aerobics will moderate the load on all muscle groups that will be particularly useful for those who can not strain your back or joints.
Before performing basic exercises tend to warm.One can start from a normal step in the water.Then there is the jump and make flapping his arms and legs.You can also perform some of the elements of the different dances.However, do not think that it will be given easily.Water will provide your body greater resistance than air.If the usual warm-up is not enough, you can use dumbbells, gloves or flippers.These times increase in the load on the body.However, you may want to consult with your doctor.
During the existence of aqua invented many types of exercises.However, there are actions that are the basis for all of them.The simplest and most well-known exercise can be considered normal swimming.It allows us to develop the whole body at once, without straining it.If a person is not a good swimmer, it's not a problem, since there is a limit on water aerobics water level.
Start running.Try to raise your knees as high as possible.Optionally execute the action on one place.Try running around the pool.Especially it would be effective if classes will be held in the river.When run against the current, it will only increase the burden on the muscles.The exercise is not less than 15 minutes, the water level should be no higher than chest.
The following exercise is designed for the thighs and buttocks.Face the edge of the pool.Hands hold the handrails.Raise your right foot and move it back.When do the same left.Perform 15 - 20 times.
Next is to make exercise "scissors" and "bicycle".To do this, lean back against the wall of the tank and lift your legs, forming a right angle.In addition, you can stay in the same position, pull your knees to your chest and straighten them back.
Another effective way to pump up the thighs and buttocks are attacks.Perform this exercise should be in the water, the level of which will not exceed your belt.A press suitable for an exercise ball.Hold it between your legs and try to lower their input.Perform the following for 3 minutes.