Tip 1: How to remove salt bricks

salt on the surface of the brickwork otherwise called efflorescence and efflorescence.The reasons on which it is formed, there may be several.This can be a low-quality material from which made the bricks or external factors: precipitation, low temperature and other temperature-humidity conditions.There are several ways to combat efflorescence.
you need
  • Special cleaners or water repellents
The main way is to prevent efflorescence by eliminating the possibility of leaching salts from brick .Magnificent method will hydrophobization, ie surface treatment of masonry with a special compound (hydrophobizator), giving many building materials an additional opportunity to repel water.After completion of the hydrophobization of water will no longer be absorbed into the surface of the brickwork, and will simply flow down from it in the form of beads.This brick does not get wet.
If you want to completely remove salt bricks, then a lot of water and brushes will not be enough.Not o
nly that - it does not lead to anything good.Keep in mind that brushes made of metal, further destroy bricks and the water penetrates into the wall, will simply "pulling" on the front surface even more salt.The fact is that soluble salts, which appear on the surface of the brick, under the influence of aggressive man-made emissions and other atmospheric phenomena almost always converted to insoluble compounds, which can be removed only by means of special trains.
To clean the brick facade of the salt, it is necessary to use special cleaners that do not change the appearance of masonry and not spoil its surface and aesthetic appearance.Such cleaners can not only remove the salt and calcareous deposits, but also more stable contamination from the atmosphere.If you buy, for example, "Tiprom PF", then put it on the front part of the wall, using a brush or roller.Then wait about half an hour and wash off any excess water purifier.Apart from the above there are a series of cleaner cleaners "Tiprom OC", "ArmMiks┬╗, ┬źNEOMID 550 Antisol" and others.They differ in their intensity exposure to a brick.

Tip 2: How to remove salt

the winter roads and sidewalks with salt to prevent ice and the following fall and injury.However, a mixture of salt and snow on the streets has a significant disadvantage - after walking your leather shoes covered with nasty white stains.Get rid of the salt stains on shoes is easy if you know what the composition of their neutralized.In this article you'll learn how to get a divorce from salt on leather shoes, using the means at hand, available in any home.
How to remove salt
Take a large water tank, cotton or disposable towels, clean soft cloth, clear vinegar and cream for your shoes.
Take shoes that need to be washed and cleaned, and with the help of a blunt object, clean the joints at the base, which also could get stuck small grain of salt.
Prepare a solution of vinegar and water so that the vinegar was exactly two times smaller than water.Combine several times toilet paper or paper towel and dip it in a bowl with diluted vinegar.
Wipe obtained composition leather, stained stains.Keep out all white patches, and then with a soft dry cloth, wipe the shoes.Clean the vinegar solution turns small areas of shoes, each time after treatment and drying polishing with a dry cloth.
Then leave the shoes to dry completely at room temperature without affecting its thermal facilities.After drying, check whether remains on the shoe divorce, and if they come again - repeat the cleaning procedure.If the stain is gone - apply a soft brush or sponge brush and cream shoes cream, and then polish the skin.
Remember to polish shoes cream and promptly cleaned - it will prolong the life of your favorite shoes or boots.It is also used to protect the shoes on the streets slushy and cold weather barrier special tools and adhesives for skin.
Another reliable method of protection shoe - before going out to wipe the skin with dilute ammonia and semolina.To clean from salt divorces suede, fresh potato cut in half and rub the cut suede shoes.Dry shoes and brush.
Care suede shoe also includes special rubber cleaning lint brush and a smoothing out of the pile, for which you can hold shoes on a jet of hot steam from the kettle.