meditation - a sense of the activity of the body, mind and emotions, which are under your control.This lack of vanity, anxiety, irritability.By a person in a state of meditation, can run a herd of mammoths, and he did not blink an eye.

This state of detachment is not in the sense that a person is not involved emotionally in what is happening around, but in the sense that it controls all manifestations of emotion, but at the same time detachment allows him to constructively make decisions based not on personal interests, and proceedingin the interests of universal scale.

Well, though this is still early.Let's look at what are meditation!

In terms of energy, there are three stages of meditation: tamasic energy - the energy of complete peace of mind, but not

in the sense of peace, but in the sense of complete zero - forgetfulness, apathy, inertia.The activity of the physical body takes the body out of Tamas, from the state of sleep.A person engaged in meditation out of tamasic energy just sleeping - its power froze, turned into a jelly, he wants to sleep or is already sleeping and dreaming about how he meditates.

man is in a state of Tamas after sleep after eat tamasic food or overeat even worse when he sits for a long time in front of TV or computer, or lying on the couch.

This meditation will be very sluggish - it will not give sensations, but to a sense of duty.Before you have to meditate to get out of this state - to cheer up.Jog or walk briskly, do yoga, dance, perform a variety of strength exercises.In general, rock the energy to bring the body out of Tamas.

Only it does not mean that a five-minute warm enough - you will feel like your condition flowed from apathetic to the state of cheerfulness, freshness and clarity.And then comes the second stage of meditation.

Rajas - a state of full activity as the mind, emotions and body.In this state, a person wants to engage in activities, the energy in his body rages, wants to get out, I want to express itself in some very important matter - whether washing socks or a contract with a large company.The mind busy all the time active activity - "I do not remember, potatoes enough or need to go to the store to buy ... and the baby today I linen is changed or not ... but to the transfer of the leading blouse with just such a lace collar I should go ..."or - "... the car leads to the right, or the wheel lowered or necessary to the collapse of the go ... to where in the past year did not go - expensive and all big ... and maybe there will be one on the red car came - so juicy ...Interestingly, blonde next door to me all the time he is looking up and smiling ... "and so on to infinity.

mind agitated it at the peak of activity, the body can not sit still, emotions are ready to boil over.In general, you sit and wait when it all finally over.

In order to go into a state of sattva help certain breathing techniques.Sattvic energy - it is very close to a state of cosmic ecstasy, bliss, euphoria.In this state, new ideas, there is a creative inspiration.You go to the level from which you can see the solution to many problems like above, an open mind, without identification.

But what would come to this, there are three levels of sattvic meditation.At the first level sensing peace and tranquility in the body and emotions meditator he watches his thoughts flow past him like a cloud in the sky and he watches them as the passers out of the window.He does not identify himself with the thoughts - looks like one idea gives birth to another, she gives birth to the next and so on.Try to find a gap between you and the thoughts themselves - that's you, but regardless of my thoughts.

After this stage, practicing meditation suddenly finds a face crossed for which he finds himself as a certain observer out of his own body.He finds himself being subjective reality separate from the physical and mental facilities in the world.He - not the body, but the world is not a reality, but only an interpretation of the world, created by random circumstances under certain conditions.And then on the third level you will find yourself just a point in space, nobody, flame, spark of consciousness.You feel like in an infinite ocean of the universe reveals the emptiness of his arms, and you are drowning in his bliss.You understand, do not just become nothing, emptiness, and it has always been, and only occasionally took the illusion of reality.

Perform the following breathing technique - calm, take a deep breath, a quiet deep breath.Abdominal breathing, continuous and uniform.Constantly watch the breath of that as it enters and exits both.Keep the focus on breathing.Do not wait for the result - a totally become an observer of his breath - "I am the One who is watching your breath."

Just do not think it's easy - tune to the fact that, starting to meditate, sooner or later you will come to a state of meditation.Maybe after some time of regular exercise not just during practice, and when you go down the street and enjoy the clean, fresh air after rain, you suddenly want to stop by the surging waves suddenly experiences.You look at the world, and it is quite another - how to slow down and everything breathes love.

Or you look at anyone, and he suddenly becomes incredibly beautiful - you can see him as the embodiment of God himself.Or suddenly, somewhere you hear the rustle of the wings of a dove flying past and the sound suddenly stops the world - someone pressed pause, and you only watch as the sun slowly sinks behind the tall buildings.Rest assured - this is it, the thing!Stop, close your eyes and go deeper into yourself - do not let it slip away!