Swimming - a great way to bring the figure back to normal.However, many think that quite a splash at a side once a month ... And sadly mistaken.
order for muscles to work and went the extra weight, we need regular and intensive training.
Therefore, wishing to lose weight you need to take a subscription to the pool for up to 2-3 times a day visit.
Begin workout with 30 minutes of active swimming and bring to a full hour.
Before the swim a little mash, warm up the muscles, prepare them to load.Walk briskly from a stop to the pool, do before diving, circular movements of the head, arms, bending, pull the arms and legs.Ideal - a 20-30 minute "hitch" in the gym.
Now let's talk about the style of swimming.Each different method burns calories
, depending on the intensity of the - 150 to 450 calories per hour - and involves different muscle groups.
So, crawl (the swimmer makes strokes alternately left, then right hand, accompanying the movement of the opposite leg, head under water) is considered the fastest and most intense load.Butterfly (hands make simultaneous symmetrical motion parallel to the surface of water) makes the work more muscles of the back and hips.Backstroke helps relieve the cervical spine, relieve tension.
In order to lose weight the femur and tibia, disappearing cellulite, you can use an extra shell - a ball or board.Holding hands on it, you need only go with his feet.
Fat begins to "burn" at a certain heart rate - from 100 to 150 beats per minute.With such a pulse of energy consumption increases to 600-1300 calories per hour.Because
follow heartbeat: swim actively, but do not exceed the upper limit.
change the style of swimming every 100 meters.For example, the range of 4 Overcome breaststroke, and then - on the back and crawl.In total, you need to swim with adequate physical preparation about 1 kilometer per lesson.
Breathe evenly.Oxygen - an element without which the oxidation of fat burning is impossible.
After training required to pull all the muscles.After the pool is also recommended to walk a little.
In no case do not rush to have a bite!The best time to eat - in 1-1,5 hours after class.Of course, the food must be properly balanced.No matter how well you may lay out in the pool, your efforts will remain on the sides, if you spend the remaining hours of eating burgers and fries.