in first place in the yoga is freedom!Freedom from everything!What does it mean?With no strict regulations and rules of yoga as a system of self-discovery does not require its adherents.Moreover, as stated in yoga, if something limits your freedom, you should discard it.Even if it is itself Yoga.Like this!Accordingly, the point of view that does not begin to eat only vegetarian food, you will not become a yogi and benefits of yoga do not get misplaced.

turn to the most important principles that characterize yoga. first principle tells us that we must try by all means not to harm any living being.Is not this alone prohibition to eat the flesh of dead animals?There is not.Because if we look deeper, we see that often the production of vegetarian food, which gets to our table, resulting in more deaths and suffering of living creatures, than if it was just meat.It i

s not the absolute truth.This is just information for consideration.The situations are different, so the first principle can not be applied here unequivocally in favor of vegetarianism.Your situation is unique and only you to decide what to do, what to eat.

The second principle says that we have in decision-making, guided by common sense, you have thought about how best to do in each situation.If meat eating solid food, we feel the weight, feel a loss of energy and desire to do something, it is best to make their choice in favor of something more easily.It will generally be vegetables or fruits.And it so happens that the psychological dependence on meat food is so great, that it is better to eat what you want, and not to suffer.And do not torment others because mentally irritable mood poor man!

In yoga, harmony is very important!A sharp change in a harmonious way of life can not be called well!If we decide that we want to do yoga, you start to deal with such as we have at the moment.Over time, the desire to cut junk food.But the habits quickly and painlessly not get rid of.It takes time!The practice of yoga helps us to become more energetic and cheerful.And perhaps change our diet in a natural way!