Modern man spends much time in a sitting position.We sit, usually at the computer, at home and at work, when we go for in a private car and public transportation.When it is the weekend, the body also rarely receives the required load it.We either watch movies or go to the coffee shop and to visit, where to sit at the table.All this is wonderful.From that point of view, that the struggle for survival has dramatically lowered its rates and we no longer need constantly to run somewhere and excessive strain.But is that enough number of movements by the body in order to stay in shape?No, definit

ely not enough!

Similar difficulties with the lack of physical movement experienced the ancient sages who meditated for several hours in the same fixed position.And they came to the aid of Kriya Yoga.Kriya Yoga is a dynamic practice in which movements are selected in sequence.It should be noted that these kriyas are selected in such a way that in one lesson involves all the major muscle groups.

During practice Kriya - Yoga, we are working the muscles that normally are not used in our life, but, nevertheless, they have to be on our toes to allow the body to stay healthy for a long time.

So, we decided that Kriya Yoga is something that we need.Where do you start?Ideally, start with recording in yoga - center.An experienced teacher will show you how to practice kriya - yoga.

Note that for beginners there kriyas embodiments in which the same set of exercises, and they are performed less time.But even if you find yourself in a mixed group, where newcomers are engaged with the experience and practice, the load you can adjust yourself.In yoga, essential principle of harmony and non-violence.An experienced yoga instructor will tell you to be sure about this.