you need
  • - planks of hardwood;
  • - screws;
  • - drill.
Determine where to install the shelves.The washing compartment is best to install it at the free wall, make a wide and long (in the wall).
Tes need to install planed, smooth, without cracks and knots.Even better to install it in the slot to avoid the slits.
distance from the floor must be easy to use.Everyone chooses a distance that is convenient to his family.
In some cases, shelves attached with racks mounted on the floor.But this option is not very useful when cleaning, so it is best to attach the shelves directly to the wall without taking up space on the floor.
Saw solid bars of the same wood species as the canop
y itself.Their length should correspond to the width of the shelves.Fix the bars on the side walls and install the shelves.Do not forget that the need to strengthen the structure.
Measure the distance from the front plate to the back wall Poloka given inclination to strengthen the structure.Cut the length of this additional bars to strengthen them on the sides and in the middle shelves.The construct in the form of a triangle that is sufficiently robust to withstand heavy weight.
Pollock in guys do the same by taking into account the place where the steam escapes.It must be installed in such a way that after the throwing of couples did not fall directly on the shelves.If this is not provided, you will burn steaming.
Under the shelves should be set for the convenience of the bench during washing.Sit on the bench, bend your legs as you sit comfortably and secure at this distance side bars to set the bench.Bench made of one board.This will be enough for easy location during washing.