Tip 1: How to make the water drain in a private house

lack of sanitation in the home can greatly damage the life of the owners.If you live in a favorable area where there is no danger of contamination of groundwater is possible to arrange a local sewer and enjoy life in the great outdoors with all the comforts.
you need
  • - pipes of different diameters;
  • - fittings;
  • - brick;
  • - tools;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - welding machine.
Start the unit drain in a private home with the inside.Set the vertical riser and move to it all sanpriborov pipe - the pipe must be placed at a slight incline (5 mm per meter).Coming from washing pipe internal diameter of 50 mm, from the toilet - 100 mm.If you plan to put the pump, bias is not required.
up on a riser set the ventilation grille, it must be located away from windows and premises.The riser pipe must rise above the roof ridge by at least 0.5 meters.Well, if the riser is located close to the heat source - it will speed up all processes.
from the riser located in the building, lay a hor
izontal discharge line - Collector, a slope of at least 0.02 (2 cm per meter pipe).If there lies a centralized sewage system, connect to it, otherwise, you need to do a septic tank or cesspool.
cesspool or septic tank has at least 20 meters from wells and drinking near the road (to be able to entrance assenizatorskaya machine).The larger the family, the greater should be the size of the hole.When cleaning the pits twice a year for one person must be at least 0.5 cubic meters.meter.
When the device sump consider the position of the groundwater - in any weather, at any time of the year they should be no more than 1 meter from the day raking.The bottom of the pit walls and lay bricks or stones to achieve better water resistance.Do not forget about waterproofing.
for laying sewer network using asbestos cement, cast iron or plastic pipes with a diameter of 100 mm, or ceramic pipes with a diameter of 150 mm.The optimum depth of bookmarks pipes - 1.7-2 meters (central Russia), just contemplate the slope, not less 0,008-0,01.
to pipes are not sags and does not create congestion, try to lay them on the ground untouched, ie digging up a hole the exact size.If you need to change the position of the tube, slowly pour the ground and immediately rammed.
When the pipes are laid, check their position.At one end put a candle or lantern, another monitor - If done correctly, you can easily see the light at the end of the pipe.You can then fill the trench.

Tip 2: How to build a sewage system by

If your location is not central drainage, it is necessary to construct the drain hole.It is done in four - five meters from the house and the foundation that the foundation does not become wet and resist destruction.Dig a pit to drain the pit can be a bucket tractor as digging by hand is very time consuming process.Manually only need to trim the edges and bottom of the pit, bailing buckets of soil.
How to build own sewage system
The depth of the hole do with the level of finding groundwater.If they are on a small depth, it is necessary to dig a hole above their location, but wide.If, before the ground water away, it is best to dig a deep hole.
trim the edges and bottom of the pit, you can install special concrete ring to the pit not showered.You can impose the edge of the pit a red ceramic brick or set on the sides of the formwork and pour cement mortar.Ate you want to do sewer without soaking into the soil, it is necessary to cement and bottom of the sewer pit.
downspouts should be done with a slope from the house to the sewer pit.If you make a sufficient slope and put a special wide pipe to drain water drain, the special need for careful insulation of the pipe there.Suffice it to dig a small hole in the ground and fill the pipe underground.Pipe better output transitions without kinks and avoid blockages.
need to close the top of a reliable overlap leaving a hole for pumping sewage.On top of all overlapping pour a thick layer of concrete.
in sewage pit can be displayed and waste water.
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