you need
  • - cast iron firebox;
  • - materials for thermal cameras: bricks, tiles, plastered fire clay, marble, plaster, etc.
  • - materials for thermal insulation;
  • - supporting material: a mixture of masonry, cement, etc .;
  • - tools: trowels, plumb, level, trowel, rule, etc .;
  • - materials for decorative finishes.
Pick up materials for the outer shell, is the choice of material will depend on the properties of warming fireplace, as well as its appearance.Choose any materials other than the traditional bricks and tiles used for lining drywall, marble, gypsum, French rakushnik, and even g
lass, metal and ceramics.
If you want a fireplace warmed the room all night, even when the stove is not fired, choose materials that are not afraid of heat and accumulate heat during operation, for example, refractory bricks, tiles or plastered fireclay.Note that in this case does not require the use of insulation, so can quickly impose furnace.
If you choose materials that do not pass and do not accumulate heat, fear of overheating, such as plasterboard or marble, which may even crack, take care of the complete fire-resistant foil insulation body heat chamber.
to install the furnace podium, before the fire necessarily equip the site of a refractory material of at least 50 cm and a width equal to the width of the fireplace, plus 20 cm on each side.
Develop or find a project ready to fire.Note that the distance between the walls of the stove and the chimney must be at least 5 - 6 cm and on the back wall - no less than 10 cm. The thicker the wall of the outer shell, the more heat will keep the fireplace, so if you value warm, chooseproject with a wall thickness of one brick.Necessarily contemplate a supply of cold air from below in a sufficient amount, and above - the ability to release hot air.
overlaid the furnace according to the selected sketch.When laying bricks required to reconcile the situation with the help of a plumb, level and stretched cord.Make sure that the seams are flat and the same.
After all firebox is lined with brick, make chimney, isolating it with special materials.
If you obkladyvayut his usual brick stove, after complete drying of masonry heat chamber will be coated with decorative heat-resistant tiles.