you need
  • - plastic pipes;
  • - coupling;
  • - cranes;
  • - FPM tape;
  • - cable;
  • - outlet;
  • - machines;
  • - receiving valve;
  • - return valve;
  • - dry run protection;
  • - bolts.
for mounting the pump station buy plastic pipes designed for water pipe, couplings, respective output and the input port of the pump and pipes, cable cross-section 1.5 and such a length that was enough to make a connectionseparate wiring.You will also need a grounded outlet, foot valve, check valve, dry run protection if the station does not provide this feature, screws, tape FUM.
If you are self-assembly, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.Improper installation
and start-up may void your warranty in the service, and thus produce all in strict accordance with the description in the manual.
Set pump station as close as possible to the source of the water supply, that is, to the well.Installation of the equipment must be carried out in a dry, well-ventilated place.Mount the unit on a rigid base with the cap screws inserted into the mounting holes.
Spend water pipes at the right point of the water supply, set the taps, install the power supply.Business Wire on a switch board with a separate system of machines.Install outlet and make drainage to ground.
on the well set a check valve on the suction line and the pump foot valve.If you are not a system for the protection of dry running, install it separately.But now almost all pumps have their own automatic defense system and therefore do not require additional installation.
Connect the intake system at the pump and the well, all joints sealed by tape FUM.Air leak anywhere should not be, because all vacuum pumps, and with the suction they will not turn itself off, which could damage the appliance.
same method to connect water supply system with the outlet of the pump.
Perform pressure adjustment in the hydraulic tanks in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for adjustment.Fill the reserve tank water.
Open the taps, start the pump.Once all air has escaped from the system of water pipes, and valves can close use a pump as needed.You will simply use water from the tap, and the station itself will be switched on and off.