most successful repair and tassel well is to call professionals for cleaning, purging and bleeding.They have special equipment to repair this type of fault and do everything professionally and efficiently.Pets methods often do not work or does not bring satisfactory results.Some methods of cleaning can cause damage or disrupt the pipes and filter and remain
without water.But if you do decide to do it self procleaning well, then you can use several methods.
first.Buy powerful air compressor.Make a well in the vacuum tube plug.Acceded to the compressor and blow well under high air pressure several times.It helps this way does not in all cases.If the well is tightened not only mud, but also lime or iron deposits, the purge would be ineffective or do not bring results but only aggravate the situation.
second.Buy a water compressor.Rinse well under strong pressure of water.The method gives results only for silting or tightening of the well with sand.If the filter is covered by calcareous deposits or iron, then, as in the first method, this method does not yield any results.
third method is quite barbaric.Purge the compressor pipe from the well to the water is left, put on a respirator, goggles, gloves and quickly pour in well acid.The acid is just no place you can not buy.It sold only to organizations or laboratories with the appropriate documents and by bank transfer.Therefore, people poured acid, which is sold in the shop for car batteries.Firmly plug well and leave for 2 days.Then again take personal protection measures, remove the cap on the well, connect the pump output hose on the outside and pump 6-8 hours.
method is very effective in all types of blockages, but it is very dangerous and spoil the filter and pipes.Drink water after such cleaning can not be at least a month and then drink only passed through the purifying filter.
Never use methods of explosions in the hole that you can advise friends or acquaintances.With this method, you fall through the filter and pipes, and well have to redo.
The best, safest and most effective way, as already stated above, call the experts to repair wells.