amount of payment for utility services, according to the claim 13 Government Decree of 30.07.2004g.Number 392 is defined as the product of the respective utilities tariffs on resource consumption.
volume is calculated according to individual meters, and in their absence is defined as the average consumption standards that are set by local administration.
So to calculate drainage , multiply the amount of cold water (in cubic meters), prepared in accordance with the meter in your apart
ment, on the rate of water removal (VAT).
Multiply the amount of hot water (in cubic meters), prepared in accordance with the meter in your apartment, on the rate of water removal (VAT).
Put these two figures - their amount and will be paid for drainage , iefor the use of engineering structures to clear and dispose of waste water of your home.
When lack of counter payment for drainage calculated based on the norms of consumption of water taken in your area.As a rule, the standards are approved annually and published in the media and on the site of administration.The cost of the norm can be found in the Management Company.
The MDU payment wastewater produced not each apartment separately, and on the testimony obschedomovogo metering device.If the device is not installed, according to norms by tenants exposes management company.
If you want to put in an apartment separate water meter, you must notify the management company.It gives permission to install the meter, it is sealed, making recalculation of payment for utility services of water supply and sanitation.