First of all, turn off the water supply to the machine and disconnect it from the mains.It is also advisable to wait some time, 10-15 minutes, because some models have components which are completely de-energized only after this vremeni.Otsoedinite from sewage drain hose and place it in a basin or otherwise lower it as low as possible to drain the remainder inwater therein.
Find out the manual to car , where the water filter cap.Most often, the manufacturer has her plastic false panels in the lower part of the front side of the machine.Carefully pull the pane
l itself to remove it from the slot.Do not apply in this great effort, otherwise you may damage the cover fasteners.Remove the lid is in the way.Locate the filter cover - it is a round shape and has a special shape in order to be easier to clasp her fingers.
Then you may need for a floor cloth.Put it roll on the floor in a semicircle, thus locking the area around the filter.The fact that the filter is a certain amount of water when the filter is opened and it is poured.
Remove the filter cover by rotating it counterclockwise.Examine the opened aperture and remove any foreign objects from there.Clean the filter in the washing machine possible using the kitchen sponge, using her tough side.Check also the condition of the water pump impeller, which will be located in the back, and remove any dirt from it.
Reassemble in reverse order.Close the decorative cover.After that, reconnect the drain hose and electricity, turn off the water supply.