Prepare stable wooden formwork.As a material suitable plank of wood or soft rocks waterproof plywood width of 2-2.5 cm. Decking can be common to all, or a flight of stairs for each step separately.The second embodiment is suitable for the ideal size and height of the steps.It will be enough to make a formwork for one stage and then when ready to rearrange it to others.On the sides of the wooden structure of the finished make-pegs backups to the mass of crushed concrete construction, and during the pouring of concrete, it has not collapsed.
for extra strength and rigidity make concrete staircase reinforced frame.Cook lattice of metal rods that
will dock crosslinked.Put this structure in steel formwork in the direction of the stairs.
At the bottom, sprinkle the finished shuttering drainage layer consisting of gravel or crumbled brick.Check the drainage of the absence of cavities, if they were formed - cover them with sand.Maximum seal the drainage layer and tamp it to be below the level of the formwork.Moisten it.
the mixer knead solution consisting of cement, sand and gravel in the ratio 1: 3: 3.Pour a layer of concrete mass on the corners prepared design.The minimum height of the concrete layer must be 10 cm. Carefully smooth out the concrete surface until the water.A few days later the concrete hardens completely, then it is possible to remove the formwork.
Follow lining concrete staircase.The materials suitable tile, wood or natural stone.Convenient to use grooved tiles not to slide on the stairs.Make railings for safety.