you need
  • - wall paneling;
  • - hidden nails;
  • - foil;
  • - insulation;
  • - a hammer;
  • - dobojnik.
Sheathing be sure to start with the ceiling.Before that, you need to put in the room steam insulation between the top brackets.That they are attached webs of foil and mounting frame for lining.As insulation you can use any mineral wool.Keep in mind, it should not "breathe" and to burn in the flame of a match.It is not recommended to be used as insulation foam.
Over wool lay asphalt.Foil stretch perpendicular to the leading boards, which are installed between the insulation.Strengthen its best buttons.Blades foil laid overlapped.Starting from the input side is recommended.Ceiling indoor sew panels.Use fixing hidden nails.You can also use special fasteners for fixing.Hammer nails hammered into t
he groove first, and then dobojnika.Recent same board can be sewn open nails that have bitten off hats.His place in the entrance door sanded.
When installing the lining must pay attention to the back ventilation.Condensed water should not be formed.To do this, first make the foundation of the slats.For this purpose, best planed spruce timber.Nail the strips up and down the wall.
between the ceiling and paneling in either case there must be ventilation.It ventilation ensures that no condensation.Hemming ceiling must be at a distance of 5 cm. Use a good means of attachment.They must tolerate humidity well.Clamps, screws and nails must be galvanized.Thus, you can prevent the appearance of rust stains.
Clapboard sheathing can also be a bathroom or shower room.In these cases, the main technology to comply with installation.Do not forget the warmth and waterproofing.