you need
  • for flushing radiators you need: caustic soda, acetic acid whey (lactic acid), a wooden hammer.
The easiest way to wash the radiator - remove and fill them with running water (p
referably hot course), you can add kakoe- any cleaner, though soda ash, caustic soda, cover plugs.Wait for 1 hour, then tap the battery mallet, peeled to rust.Shake the battery has exceeded her from side to side.Since repeated several times.If there is a compressor, then let the pressure of 1.5-2 atm.Then open the valve and drain the water.There is a special system of "Ecosan" - heating system put a strainer before the pump, which is in the first month or two operating systems on a regular basis wash.The first month of operation, rinse the filter twice a week, then a month every two weeks, and then everything will be clean.
addition radiators can be washed with a means to flush the radiator of the car, poured into the battery this means, made up of hot water to even air a bit left, closes the hole periodically (every 10 minutes), stir radiator.Merge after a couple of hours and washed with copious amounts of water, preferably powerful struey.Esli not properly remove the remnants of the radiator cleaners, it is fraught with the formation of corrosion in the radiator.
For this much money for a special washing sink is not required - it will be enough only a few grams.Try not to abuse with the number of funds and follow the instructions on the packaging of the cleaning product - at the wrong dosage can harm the cooling system.
for flushing radiators can be used whey, it also fill up the battery and wait for several hours, periodically tapping and shaking.In addition, you can use vinegar essence 70%, pour one bottle of essence to the battery and add the water, be sure to rinse all the water, then several times.Any acid immediately react to rust and dissolve it.